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Application of plastic bottles in daily chemical industry!

Jan 14, 2017

After China's accession to the WTO, the global brand management became an important strategy for the international competition. Brand development and brand education and brand innovation of domestic enterprises pay more attention to China at trial and in the innovation and development of enterprises. With people consumption level of improve and consumption capacity of enhanced, cosmetics, and washing supplies of production and sales get has unprecedented of development, market competition also increasingly fierce, the businesses to expanded himself products of sales, and in fierce of market competition in the occupy place, more is tried, in cosmetics, and washing supplies of packaging upper and lower foot Kung Fu, it need quality of packaging material to upgrade its worth.

To promote the rapid development of the packaging industry. With the development of packaging materials and packaging, plastic packaging bottles are widely used in cosmetics, cleaning supplies, such as polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, low prices, abundant resources and good forming properties of plastic materials can be manufactured into a variety of structure and shape of a bottle, and allows a variety of decorative and trim design, packaging sales jobs better functionality. Therefore, modern cosmetics and detergent packaging variety, variety, with play fine. In recent years, because of the plastic bottles in the design, decoration, material selection, processing and technology rapidly, on the cosmetic, detergent packaging made it widely, and is becoming more and more important role in the packaging material.