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Take you to understand the wholesale of honey plastic bottle manufacturers

Jun 04, 2020

The plastic bottles used for honey packaging are more and more seen in the market in recent years. In the past, glass bottles were the standard for honey packaging. Later, plastic honey bottles became more and more popular in the market and occupied a certain market space. And certainly there are some reasons . First of all, honey plastic bottle packaging is lighter in weight and easy to carry and transport. Secondly, plastic honey bottles are not easy to break, resulting in a series of subsequent problems that are relatively better solved. Again, beautiful, honey plastic bottle packaging style is more diverse and more beautiful than glass bottles. Finally, the cost of honey plastic bottle packaging is much lower than that of glass bottles, which is more attractive to mass production manufacturers

So, what should be paid attention to when wholesale honey plastic bottle manufacturers? First, the style of honey plastic bottle packaging will affect the wholesale price of honey plastic bottle manufacturers. The price of common styles is low, and the price of specially customized honey plastic bottle packaging will be relatively higher. Second, the higher the functional design of honey plastic bottles, the higher the relative price. Third, the order quantity of honey plastic bottle packaging, if the order quantity is large, the unit price will be relatively lower and more competitive.

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