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Depth analysis of personalized plastic bottle production

Jan 14, 2017

Personalization of plastic bottles is the future market trends, we will not repeat them here. People who understand the market for plastic bottles, they can smell this strong market trends.

While a future trend so apparent, but now proceed to personalized plastic bottle packaging is also very small. This is now mainly plastic bottles from the bottle labels are mold, standardization of mechanization of production processes. Which makes the plastic bottle production cost a great deal of control. However, once the personalized plastic bottle production, this established standardized processes will be rebuilt. Personalization will significantly increase the cost of plastic bottles, plastic bottles cost advantages exist.

Whole course mechanization of packaging shall be synchronized with the market development

However, there is always a solution to. At present, the plastic bottle labels on the individual differences of the production has been completed. Coca Cola plastic bottle labels had previously been unified, and different plastic bottles in a variety of different banners, personalized packaging needs of young people are met, on the market and the response was good, in fact, Coca-Cola does not fully personalized labels. Coca Cola plastic bottle consumption is very large, he's just label the plastic bottle into different combinations. This first step of implementation are given large plastic bottles personalized bottles Pack a very good reference.