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High density polyethylene can be used as food packaging materials

Jul 03, 2018

High-density polyethylene looks like medium-pressure polyethylene, is milky white translucent, harder than medium-pressure polyethylene, and has poor surface gloss, comparable to low-pressure polyethylene. The film is manufactured using a blow molding and T-die extrusion process. Films made by the blow molding process are overwhelming. These films are used to make food packaging and supply to stores, packaging materials used in food stores, and can also package frozen snacks and processed aquatic products. This film has long used its heat resistance to package tofu, raw noodles, office and sports equipment, medicines, and hot towels. The items it contains should not be stored for long periods of time.

The film made by the T-die extrusion method has good transparency and folding resistance, and is widely used as a packaging material such as bread snacks.

Characteristics of high-density polyethylene; (1) Good heat resistance and cold resistance; resistance to cooking and freezing. (2) The airtightness is similar to that of medium-pressure polyethylene, and it has good moisture resistance and prevents oxygen permeability from being moderate. (3) Poor odor is prevented, and ultraviolet ray permeability is prevented from being moderate.