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Introduce plastic bottle blow molding

Jan 14, 2017

Production of pharmaceutical plastic bottles of two-step process is the injection blow molding. First steps will be made from plastics by injection molding method with bottom hollow parison. When plastic injected molding when the inner core around bottlenecks and parison is formed. In this step, low billet temperature control. Then core shift rod to blow moulding moulds, air cored rods imported, type blow moulding into the shape of the model. Bottle finished, transfer to discharge.

The many advantages of injection blow molding:

No waste, is accurate in size, made of bottles do not need secondary processing.

Weight of finished bottle of precision control in soil 0. L g.

Bottleneck shape and both inside and outside the bottle molding precision up to 0. 004 inch.

Bottle weight and repeatability of dimensions suitable for matching, and easily connected to the filling line.