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Not easy to design a better plastic bottle

Jan 14, 2017

Now, the increasing homogeneity of the quality of products, and manufacturers to create product differentiation tend to do Kung Fu in the plastic bottles. So we see type styles are more and more plastic bottles on the market. We very much support the diversified development of plastic bottles, which improve the development of the plastic bottle market, promote the improvement of plastic bottles is necessary.

However, we find that many manufacturers in order to attract consumers ' attention, make the product stand out on the shelves, stand out. Considerations on the improvement of plastic bottles is not how to facilitate consumer use, but strange-looking plastic bottle shape is designed. Some beverage consumers of plastic bottles is a polygon will be very inconvenient to use, hold and hard to grasp. Such plastic bottles attract consumers for the first time, but it is difficult to repeat. Design improvement of plastic bottles have to say is a failure.

We believe that a successful plastic bottle, should meet some features. Simple to use, and profile highlights, low cost, only a plastic bottle that is successful, so in order to design a successful plastic bottle is not easy.