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Pharmaceutical plastic bottles optimized design Essentials

Jan 14, 2017

In many packaging plastic bottle, plastic bottle is the most widely used type of packaging, it is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging. Plastic bottles are widely used is because of its light weight, durable, good barrier properties, easy molding, shape-changing, a series of advantages such as low cost, in the packaging industry has a very strong competitive edge.

With the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical packaging industry started to come to the fore, and became an important part of the development of pharmaceutical industry in China. China's pharmaceutical packaging the overall level is not high, lagged far behind the developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging drugs in developed countries the value of 30% and less than 10%. Within the next five years remains the key to the rapid development of the Chinese medicine industry, there are enticing a huge opportunity. Goods competitive factors in international market, product quality, price and packaging design are three major factors. As abroad a marketing expert said: "the road to the market, packaging design is the most important one, packing effects on total image as much as advertising. "So we must seize this great opportunity for the development of, innovative, unconventional, making the product is new, strange, full of modern consciousness.