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Plastic bottle-discussion on techniques of medicinal bottle labeling

Jan 14, 2017

Pharmaceutical plastic bottles need to ensure that the plastic bottle has a good pollution-free and clean, and show good value in use.

Surface when the labels are used, should enable the veneer flat. On the surface of plastic bottles to design a "box", the sticker exact positioning without moving. At the time of blow molding, preform blowing parts of first contact, always tend to harden positions. The wall thickness of the part. Edge and corner areas, parison is blown the last contact of parts, the parts of the wall thickness is small. Edge and corner of the plastic bottles should be designed for rounded corners.

Change the shape of the surface of plastic bottle, plastic bottle of relatively thin in the Middle, increase the surface of plastic bottle of circumferential Groove, or ribs can increase stiffness and bending resistance of plastic bottles. Longitudinal Groove, or ribs, plastic bottles can be eliminated in the long-term load offset, sagging or deformed.