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Plastic bottles-the development of the medical packaging industry

Jan 14, 2017

Medicine bottles manufacturers, over the past decades in history, compared to other types of packaging, pharmaceuticals and raw materials related to the medical industry profits are high. Buyers in purchasing medical products when not in medical cost controls are too restrictive. Therefore, the profits of pharmaceutical bottles are often better than the General packaging products.

However, with the deepening of reform of medical and pharmaceutical prices gradually transparent, the profits of the pharmaceutical market will continue to decline in the future, which makes medical packaging costs will be more strict with Packers. Given the circumstances, medical products manufacturer to ensure product quality, reduce production costs will have more opportunities in the future market. Another trend, as medical costs continue to decline in the future, glass medicine bottles of living space will be further compressed. In such cases, plastic medicine bottles will gradually replace some glass medicine bottle market, new opportunities for development.