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The Differences of PET Plastic and PE Plastic

Apr 09, 2018

PET plastic bottle and PP plastic bottle are used different materials and have different characteristics, the following on PET plastic bottles and PP plastic bottles to do a comparison. Characteristics:

PE is soft, feel wax texture, compared with the same plastic quality is lighter, there is a certain degree of transparency, burning flame blue. Toxicity: non-toxic, harmless to human body. The city sells high-density polyethylene (HDPE), density 0.945~0.96 gram/cubic centimeter, melting point 125~137degree centigrade; Linear low-density PE (LLDPE), density 0.925 g/cubic centimeter, melting point 120~125degree centigrade; High pressure low-density PE (HP-LDPE), density 0.918 g/cubic centimeter, melting point 105~115degree centigrade.

Polypropylene (PP) application: Microwave tableware, pots, plastic barrels, vacuum flask shell, woven bags. Characteristics: High chemical stability, good hygienic performance and high heat resistance. Microwave tableware can be selected to indicate the PP Word plastic products. Toxicity: non-toxic, harmless to human body. The polymer can have three kinds of stereo structure: such as gauge, inter regulation, random polypropylene, the first two can crystallization, the latter cannot. The market of polypropylene products is basically the structure of the city, melting point 164~170degree centigrade, crystallization part density 0.935 grams/cubic centimeter, unclean parts 0.851 g/cubic centimeter. PP's biggest disadvantage is the easy oxidation of aging. Now it is overcome by adding antioxidant and ultraviolet light absorber.

Polyester (PET) Applications: Plastic beverage bottles, bottles, cosmetics bottles, oil bottles and a variety of caps, insulation cover. Characteristics: Good transparency, easy to break, chemical stability, suitable for a variety of liquid or solid pharmaceutical packaging. It has a good masking effect on ultraviolet rays. Toxicity: non-toxic. PET plastic bottles are the mainstream of beverage packaging. China's beverage packaging industry in the dominant position should be PET plastic bottles, so far, no more excellent or better packaging materials instead of PET plastic bottles.

PP bottle is mainly one-step injection-pull blow and two-step heating pull-blow molding machine molded pp Bottle with bright, robust, heat-resistant advantages, the price is lower than the radical information. can be deposited 100 into the general PP plastic bottles with 0.1%-0.4% Sls alcohol acetal nucleating agent, after blowing, blowing, injection, kneading and other methods can produce Qualcomm-ming pp plastic bottles. PP Plastic bottle temperature-resistant function is good, bottle-type description sensitive, safe sex, sanitary and content of the taste of the stick to show less than the price of PET, PS, PE and other materials cheap. PP plastic bottles in the beverage packaging market in the use of the scale has been gradually close to PET bottles, modified resins, transdermal agents and mechanical equipment skills of the development, so that PP containers can replace glass, PET and PVC containers, has a broad market prospects.