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Bottle Recycling And Reuse

Jul 03, 2018

The PE used as bottle material is mainly HDPE, and there are dairy products, food bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc. After sorting, the washed HDPE bottles can be crushed and selected for the following purposes:

1 Use a colored Coke bottle base

2 for pipe co-extruding intermediate core layer

3 Fill the talcum powder or glass fiber to make tea cups or injection molded products.

4 It is compounded with the fiber and used as artificial wood. Because wood fiber has poor compatibility with HDPE, it is necessary to add suitable coupling agent or use activated wood fiber.

5 Manufacture of artificial gravel, crush the HDPE bottle into fine pieces or granules, then glue the surface to the surface, and then mix it with concrete or asphalt for civil construction materials.