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Comparison Of PE Bottle And PET Bottle, Which One Is Better

Dec 19, 2019

For plastic bottle packaging, we now have not only a lot of choices in style, but also a lot of choices in the material of plastic bottles. At present, the materials of plastic bottles on the market are: PET, PET, PP, PVC, BOPP and so on. Today we are focusing on PE bottle and PET bottle, which ones are better?


First, let's see the advantages and disadvantages of PE bottles. First, PE bottles have good plasticity and the price is lower than PET bottles. This means a huge cost reduction for merchants using large quantities. Second, PE bottle packaging is opaque, which is also a good choice for some products that require protection from light.


Second, let's see the advantages and disadvantages of PET bottles . First, the appearance of PET bottle packaging is transparent, allowing consumers to clearly see what is packed in the bottles , and motivating consumers to buy. Second, PET bottles have a certain high temperature resistance and can be properly heated, which is very important for some foods. Third, PET bottles can be in direct contact with food, which makes them widely used in the field of beverage and food.


Judging from the current market, the use and penetration rate of PET bottles is much higher than that of PE bottles, which also fully illustrates the advantages of PET bottles.