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Food Grade Plastic Bottle Manufacturers Need To Cultivate Packaging Design Talent

Jul 31, 2017

Food Grade Plastic Bottle manufacturers need to cultivate packaging design talent
 At present, some institutions in the country have opened a package design courses. Some schools have also set up a packaging design professional, to cultivate professional talent. However, the author had to say, at present, the domestic food-grade plastic bottle packaging design is not very good innovation and breakthrough. Food Grade Plastic Bottles are copied from each other to imitate the wind.
    In fact, the domestic part of these professional packaging design talent after graduation did not enter the packaging design market, but instead turned into the advertising lamp other income more ideal more mature market. Similar to the food-grade plastic bottle packaging design, some small food-grade plastic bottle manufacturers directly imitate some of the traditional food-grade plastic bottle-shaped, food-grade plastic bottle packaging design requirements are not strong, making the professionals engaged in this area is not very good Of the income and stability of the market. At the same time, many of our institutions set up packaging design courses, from teaching materials to teachers are out of the entire packaging design market, stay in the theoretical stage, such food-grade plastic bottle packaging design knowledge is clearly not a good fit Market to meet the demand.
    Only the entire food-grade plastic bottle packaging design market is mature, food-grade plastic bottle teaching completely fit the market, only in this case, food-grade plastic bottle packaging to a benign innovation and breakthrough.
 Food Grade Plastic Bottle machinery automation market in 2005 more than 1 billion yuan, an increase of 5.6%. At present, the Food Grade Plastic Bottle machinery used in the automation products are the main control system, drive control, motion control, man-machine interface and sensors of these categories.
    Among them, the drive control, controller and low-voltage electrical appliances is the current level of plastic bottles of mechanical automation of the three most important products. In 2005, the sales of the three categories of products accounted for 48%, 23% and 15% of the total size of the automation market.
    The use of the main automation products of the Food Grade Plastic Bottle machinery industry is as follows:
    1) controller
    At present, the domestic food-grade plastic bottle machine control mainly uses special controller and PLC, a few low-end equipment using relay control. Domestic production of food-grade plastic bottle machine control point is generally within 128IO, a small number of large food-grade plastic bottle production line control point may be more than 6,000 IO points, the use of multiple PLC and IPC.
    Different types of plastic bottles used in different types of plastic bottles are different, the injection molding machine and small blow molding machine mainly use special controller (embedded products), a small amount of the use of PLC and relays; extrusion equipment mainly use PLC, a small amount of use Dedicated controller; auxiliary equipment mainly using PLC and relay control.
    With the development of food-grade plastic bottle mechanical technology, the controller is not a simple action control, but includes the melt temperature, injection pressure, injection speed, holding time, cooling process and hydraulic circuit of the various parameters of the integrated control. In the past, most of the open-loop control, is currently in the direction of closed-loop control. New equipment on the controller control and response speed has been further requirements, the traditional embedded products based on the controller is difficult to meet these requirements, so in the new equipment and large equipment to PLC-based. This kind of PLC is used in high-end and large-scale equipment, the use of special controller in the low-end equipment on the use of the situation in the next three years in the food-grade plastic bottle machinery industry will not change. Competitive prices are the prerequisites for entering the largest number of generic Food Grade Plastic Bottle machine controllers.