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Health Products Bottle Must Have A Dampening Effect, How To Detect?

Jan 14, 2017

Health products bottle is subject to a variety of external vibration, attacks and squeezed, health care in transport and storage of food. Easy to cause damage. Such as glass bottles and broken; film, paper bags, packaging and compression. To this end, health products bottle should have a dampening effect, to prevent vibration, attacks and crushing.

Sealed an important component, 1 pad of probation: a single package to be used both inside and outside liner. Prepare for shocks the harmful ways. Solid medicines such as pills, tablets, often in health products bottle filling extra space parts and disinfection of cotton, paper, or plastic covered with plastic coil, cold bottle full of drug-free moving space. Inside of a single package (that is, health products bottle between) multiple control corrugated corrugated or plastic make V-block, fixed and separate each container. There is useful material: polyethylene foam, foam, polypropylene and polyethylene and polystyrene copolymer foam cushioning materials for cushioning packaging results outstanding.

Effects of vibration, pressure and closed. 2 packaging and distribution package: with certain mechanical strength of materials of large containers. Complete, filled transport packages, domestic transport packaging: in addition to individual requirements. Will perform the following names of detection:

① marked position and firmness of the packaging; II on the temperature and humidity conditioning function c stacking test; fell through the implementation of vertical collisions ahead implemented level II collision, inclined plane test, swing implementation.