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Health Products Bottle Production And Processing Technology

Jan 14, 2017

Health products bottle production capacity in the development of certain shows important development characteristics and planning, fully demonstrated the important features and performance.

Health care products in plastic bottle production with less advanced, requires constant upgrading in the production equipment and technology, guarantees in accordance with market development and improve, is the development of more potential. Our PET health products plastic bottle production is lagging in several major manufacturers. Into the 80 's, China has imported tons to hundreds of thousands of tons of advanced synthesis of PET resin unit, has made considerable progress on the quality and yield. According to the China textile Institute statistics, 1997 production of PET chips resin 1.74 million tons in China, including high-viscosity resin production capacity of packaging slices 224,000 tons, so PET engineering grade resins production source is sufficient.

Health food of volatile or non-volatile component, solid or liquid drug after a discontinuity or packaging materials, such as pinholes, cracks in the material, or bottle and the health gap between the bottle and the escape or leakage. This mostly happens in health products bottle design and cases of inappropriate packaging process, and of course sometimes caused due to improper materials. In order to prevent penetration, in choosing packaging material, permeability of materials should be selected for the individual packaging of medicines. This composite film containers, glass containers, metal container, a ceramic container is better.