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Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle Has Good Performance

Oct 20, 2017

Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle has good performance
Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle in production should be well controlled and designed for production and produced in accordance with certain production and processing technology, and has good performance and functionality in the industry to fully demonstrate significant value.
1) When designing extruded Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle, if the material is made of high density polyethylene or polypropylene, the cross section of the plastic bottle should be rectangular or oval, for low density polyethylene or other flexible plastic bottles, Its cross section to round as well. This facilitates the extrusion of the contents from the plastic bottle. Plastic parts used in conjunction with plastic bottles are mainly covered and sealed. The design of the plastic bottle should focus on the test; how to make the plastic bottle can be better with the lid and seal with the bottom of the plastic bottle, plastic bottle is a weak mechanical properties. Therefore, the bottom of the Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle is generally designed to be concave; the corner of the plastic bottle, and the concave, are made larger arcs. In order to facilitate the stacking of plastic bottles, increase the stability of the plastic bottle stacking, plastic bottles should be designed at the bottom of the groove.
2) Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle When using labels on the surface, the label should be flat. Can be designed in the plastic bottle surface of a "grid", so that accurate positioning of the label, does not produce mobile. In the blow molding, the billet inflation first contact with the site, always tend to harden the site.
In today's world economic changes in the process, Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle industry, in which the structure of the domestic industry is also in a state of continuous upgrading, and in the current industrial upgrading process, a lot of value-added part of the Industry will be a variety of operational problems, but also an unprecedented challenge, will face a variety of difficulties in today's society, we can according to the transformation of the storm in the plastic bottle business The
The development of its Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle is faced with a variety of problems, we can give you a careful analysis of the plastic bottles are labor-intensive industries, in the current labor costs in the rising, For the plastic bottle of the enterprise in terms of which the cost of labor has a huge pressure, there is the price of raw materials is constantly rising, but also by the various costs on the market rising, rising for raw materials is very obvious Of the business, but also to bring another layer of pressure.
If we need a higher transparency of the bottle to choose this plastic plastic bottles, if you do not need to see the light of the drug on the choice of brown plastic bottles. There are many kinds of materials available for selection, regardless of what material to choose Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle on the packaging of goods are played a very important impact. Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle must be professionally qualified. Plastic bottle size and cap are special requirements, and the cap to use pp material made. Generally, plastic bottles for tabletting materials are usually made of high density polyethylene. The general liquid dosage forms of drugs are generally selected with polypropylene or polyester bottles as the main material. Water vapor infiltration and secretion of the bottle and so on are important indicators of plastic bottles, they are not qualified to cover the quality of drug safety. So the medical use of Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle is very strict, not any plastic bottles are suitable for packaging drugs. Not only in the Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle production materials have greatly improved, and Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle processing technology has also taken a new process.