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Health Products PET Plastic Bottle Characteristics

Jun 22, 2017

Health Products PET Plastic Bottle characteristics
  Health products PET plastic bottle factory - Health Products PET Plastic Bottle features: to achieve the four-color cap color printing: In people's minds, Health Products PET Plastic Bottle surface printing commonly used printing method, and most of some simple Of the text and color blocks, the color is more monotonous. The use of flexible printing method can achieve Health Products PET Plastic Bottles of four-color overprint, and printing graphic colorful, realistic effect. For example, in the beverage cap on the printing of color and realistic fruit, the plastic bottle of the beverage can play a good role against the background, and can stimulate the desire of consumers to buy.
Kangyuan plastic bottle factory production of pesticide packaging plastic bottle forming new features:
1. Crystalline material, moisture absorption is small, do not need to be fully dry, excellent mobility of the pressure-sensitive, easy to use high-pressure injection molding, the material temperature uniform, filling speed, adequate pressure should not use direct gate to prevent contraction Uneven, increased internal stress. Note Select the gate position to prevent shrinkage and deformation.
2. Soft plastic parts have a shallow side of the groove, can be forced release, pesticide plastic bottles may melt fracture, not with organic solvents to prevent cracking.
3. Heating time should not be too long, otherwise it will break down. Bottle glazing, enhance product grade: plastic bottles in health care products with water-based ink printing, in order to improve the wear resistance of ink, but also on health care products PET plastic The bottle surface is polished. After the glazing, Health Products PET Plastic Bottle gloss was significantly improved, so that the screen brilliance, improve product quality.
4. Shrinkage range and shrinkage value, the direction of obvious, easy to deformation warping. Cooling speed should be slow, mold set up a cold material, and a cooling system.
       Pesticide packaging plastic bottle overprint accurate and convenient: Health Products PET Plastic Bottles flexographic printing presses overprint control is very characteristic, as in the CNC machining center has been to ensure that the Health Products PET Plastic Bottle tube precision (horizontal and vertical), in the Printing in the overprint is not on time, according to the situation up and down about the location of the plate roller adjustment, so that the requirements of overprint. At present, Health Products PET Plastic Bottles flexographic printing overprint error can be controlled at 0.15 ~ 0.20mm.
Health Products PET Plastic Bottles are small, but in recent years the development trend can not be discounted. Small cap, big business opportunities. Although the cap is small, but it contains the business opportunities are infinite. With the consumer preferences and the changing needs of brokers, cap packaging design continues to introduce new. In order to increase the selling point, manufacturers will make every year in the cap selection, style and color to make enough articles. Market participants said the bottleneck trend is changing every year, it is difficult to predict the future development of the cap market trend. "However, it is certain that the cap in the selection will be more biased towards plastic." The market said. Health Products PET Plastic Bottles in the future social development is more and more important, Health Products PET Plastic Bottles play the role of irreplaceable. If you need to know more about Health Products PET Plastic Bottles of the relevant information, please feel free to come to Kangyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. consultation and negotiations, we will provide you with the best quality service and support!