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How To Choose To Buy Plastic Jar?

Jun 15, 2017

How to choose to buy Plastic Jar?

In every corner of life, almost all of the plastic cans of the figure - drink the cup, eat with the bowl, plate, there are a variety of plastic cans bags, plastic wrap, and so on. There is a careful view of the audience found that some plastic cans at the bottom of a sign: a triangle with a triangle, there is a triangle inside the figure - why the plastic tank to print this logo, the logo inside the number of what it means , How to use plastic pot is safe?

Triangle represents recyclable, and digital represents material. There are many types of plastic cans, there are more than 100 kinds of this logo is like a small identity of each plastic tank containers, their production of different materials, the use of different.

The plastic cans marked with numbers 1 to 6 are often used for packing or containing food. Numbers 1 often appear in a variety of mineral water bottles, drink bottles; the number 2 common in the supermarket shopping bags, food bags. Numbers 3 and 4 can be found on some cling films; the plastic hoods marked with numbers 5 are more common and can be seen in plastic boxes and boxes that can be heated in a microwave oven, and some plastic jars will see this logo; On some disposable cups.

Compared with the plastic pot marked 6, marked 5 of the polypropylene plastic cans, which contain less additives, more stable at high temperatures. If it is to use boiling water, then, in order to reduce the precipitation of harmful substances, or with a sign of 5, soft plastic cups more secure.

Mark 6 plastic cups can be filled with cold drinks, do not use tea, and can not be loaded with strong or strong alkaline substances, such as orange juice, because in this condition, it will break down on the human body harmful poly Styrene.

Marked as 5 plastic jar called polypropylene, this product can be resistant to 130 ℃ high temperature, can be placed in the microwave heating high temperature, many Plastic Jar are made of this material box. But with such a hot lunch hot dishes is not it can sit back and relax it?

Put a certain amount of edible oil into the plastic pot lunch box, and then cover the lid, into the microwave heating high temperature, the temperature of 110 degrees Celsius, the plastic tank lunch box all normal, the oil temperature reaches 140 degrees Celsius, the lunch box has Soften. Plastic Jar become soft, indicating that some of the harmful substances inside the material has begun to melt into the oil.

Obviously can be written into the microwave heating box how to become soft melting it? The reason is that edible oil in the case of microwave heating, the oil temperature can reach nearly 200 degrees Celsius. And the greater the amount of oil, the faster the temperature rise. So like boiled fish, braised eggplant like oil leftovers, do not use plastic cans lunch boxes in the microwave heating. When heating other dishes, it is important to note that when heating the lid to open, the heating time should not be too long to avoid the oil temperature is too high, harmful substances precipitation.