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How To Produce A PET Bottke? What Is The Usages Of PET Bottle

Apr 09, 2018

How to make a pet bottle? Pet bottles are made of raw materials to make bottle embryo, bottle embryo determines the weight and diameter of the bottle, bottle height is affected by the bottle embryo, bottle height can not lower than the bottle embryo. Preform.jpg

After doing well the bottle embryo needs to blow the plastic with the bottle embryo, blows the mold, the bottle completes. Dongguan Fukang Plastic Products Co.,ltd now a total of 10 bottles of pet bottle embryo, bottle embryo diameter of a total of 4, respectively, 33mm, 38mm, 45mm, 56mm, of which 33mm diameter of four kinds of weight (12g/13g/ There are two types of 15g/16g,38mm (19g/26g), 45mm (28g and 38g), and two 53mm (28g/47g). In addition to 10 bottles of embryos can do nearly 100 bottles of pet drugs, but also can produce a variety of large diameter food bottles, the largest can do 120mm diameter. In addition to candy, spices, salt, honey, nuts, lollipops, jams and other foods, these bottles can also be used to install stationery and toys, as long as the size of the appropriate, almost anything to use it to install.