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It Is Important To Test The Air Tightness Of Medicinal Plastic Bottle

Oct 11, 2017

It is important to test the air tightness of medicinal Plastic Bottle. Medical Plastic Bottle air tightness for the duration of the drug is not damp, not bad is very important, but also to prevent the prevention of light, heat, oxygen and other important drugs on the impact of drugs. Therefore, as a medicinal Plastic Bottle manufacturing enterprises, we attach great importance to its air tightness detection.
What is the medicinal Plastic Bottle airtight? In simple terms according to the relevant national standards for testing, such as the detection of plastic capsules Plastic Bottle seal reliability is to take a certain amount of capsules Plastic Bottle, each bottle filled with the right amount of glass ball , The method of tightening the cap. And then placed in a container with a suction device, immersed in water, vacuum to a vacuum of 27kpa, for 2 minutes, the bottle shall not have water or bubble phenomenon. Of course, to ensure that the airtight Plastic Bottle capsules through the index, but also need some other economic indicators, such as sex, moisture resistance to oxygen and control to ensure the shelf life of the product quality.
Now the market also has introduced a sealed tester machine, the use of vacuum vacuum cleaner principle chamber vacuum, so that the medicinal Plastic Bottle submerged in the water sample production inside and outside the pressure difference, observe the sample inside the gas escape to determine the sealing performance : Or through the vacuum of the vacuum chamber, so that the sample production inside and outside the pressure difference, observe the sample inflation and release the vacuum after the recovery of the sample shape, in order to determine the sealing performance.
Solid Plastic Bottle are a common form of packaging, widely used in modern packaging systems, including pharmaceuticals, food, daily necessities and other packaging. Plastic Bottle have different solids and liquids, and different types of Plastic Bottle have different properties. Solid Plastic Bottle can be used for packaging solid products for solid pharmaceuticals and food packaging.
High-quality solid Plastic Bottle with high quality light intensity, easy to damage, good sealing performance, safe and reliable, moisture and environmental protection, in line with food and pharmaceutical packaging, and many other requirements, such as tablets, capsules, granules and so on. In the distribution and transportation of packaging materials, the seal has a good impact.
According to the relevant statistics, China's annual output of pharmaceutical packaging is about 25 billion, has become China's packaging industry's fastest growing industry. It can be seen that the medical Plastic Bottle have broad market prospects, the traditional plastic packaging is gradually being eliminated in the trend of the times, Plastic Bottle as a mainstream form of packaging, has been favored by the market.
With the continuous upgrading of plastic materials and production equipment, solid Plastic Bottle in the packaging market has laid an important foundation for the development. For people's production and life to provide convenient conditions.
Solid Plastic Bottle are one of the most popular packaging products in the medical profession. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, easy to break, good sealing performance, moistureproof, hygienic, meet the special requirements of pharmaceutical packaging, and can be used directly in pharmaceutical packaging. It is an excellent medicinal packaging container. It is widely used in film Agents, capsules, granules drug containers. Compared with other plastic packaging containers, solid medicinal Plastic Bottle have many special places, here we come to explore the solid medicinal Plastic Bottle of the difference.
1, capacity: because of the particularity of drug packaging drugs, making the Plastic Bottle of small capacity, from a few milliliters to thousands of milliliters are widely used. The most commonly used capacity of 15 ml to 200 ml, its shape mostly cylindrical, there are square and oval-shaped packaging containers.
2, sealing performance: In order to ensure that the drug is not wet during the period, not bad, so it has a good sealing performance and barrier properties, can prevent light, heat, water vapor, oxygen and other drugs on the impact.
3, safety: the inner wall of the bottle and the drug in direct contact with the production of solid medicinal Plastic Bottle material must be yo ah meet the requirements of drug packaging, so as to ensure the safety of drugs.
4, practical: solid medicinal Plastic Bottle of packaging materials are the same material, if one of the Plastic Bottle of drugs broken, you can use the same plastic varieties of the same Plastic Bottle to replace, remember, can not just use the drug The use of Plastic Bottle to replace other Plastic Bottle, different types of drugs to pay attention to different matters, if they are mixed together, the loss of efficacy is small, may cause life-threatening, so be careful to replace.
5, convenience: solid medicinal Plastic Bottle shape, size, structure, etc. are fixed, it can be applied to a variety of filling machine requirements, to facilitate production.