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Market Analysis Of PET Plastic Jars

Sep 03, 2020

Market analysis of PET plastic jars



Plastic bottles made of PET, which we call PET plastic jars. PET plastic jars have many advantages. First of all, PET plastic jars are much lighter than many glass containers and other packaging, and are not easily broken and are very convenient for transportation. Secondly, PET plastic jars have high transparency, which is almost the same as glass jars, which is conducive for sales. Thirdly, the cost of PET plastic jars is much lower than that of glass jars.


So, how to choose a good manufacturer of PET plastic jars. First, it depends on the quality, from transparency to thickness, whether the smell is pungent, and whether it is processed by secondary recycled materials. Second, choose the style, whether the style of the PET plastic jars is matching well with the product positioning requirements, this is also very important. Third, to understand PET plastic jars manufacturers, such as the factorys equipment, workers, production capacities etc.