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PET Plastic Bottle Has Excellent Chemical Resistance Properties

Jan 14, 2017

PET plastic bottle has excellent chemical resistance properties, in addition to. can be used in addition to alkali and some organic solvents of all items of packaging, PET resins recycling rate is higher than other plastics, disposal as waste combustion, flammable because of the burning low caloric value, and does not produce harmful gases. pharmaceutical plastic bottles used in raw materials and materials for production and processing, Can full in accordance with actual of production and development specification for development and progress. with PET plastic bottle manufacturing of food packaging meet food health requirements, because PET plastic bottle resin not just a harmless resin, and also is a no any additives of authentic resin, through has including United States, and European and Japan zainei of quite strictly of food health method of test, was think is a qualified and security of medicine plastic bottle and food of packaging information.

Its itself has larger of breathable, and breathable and light sex, currently city sale of medicine plastic bottle more for high-density polyethylene plastic products. so bottle within of drug and cannot and outside air, and moisture and light, and heat completely isolated, that drug easy by these factors of effect and gradually was decomposition damage or corruption metamorphic. which China due to fast caught expanded of drug production capacity and Government is for of a items aimed at upgrade domestic drug quality of plans, Its medicine plastic bottle packaging growth ranked topped. medicine plastic bottle of development also experience has this 30 years of development changes, reform 30 years. now medicine plastic bottle has became has medicine packaging industry innovation development of logo, from time to time has new material of medicine plastic bottle victory listed. medicine plastic bottle after must of development course, in accordance with good of market law and form for development and progress, can full show good of using features and performance.