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PET Plastic Honey Jar

Jul 31, 2018

Summer is coming, a lot of people who love sports like to buy some energy drinks that can effectively supplement the energy you burn while exercising. But many health people worry that the additives in these drinks will harm our health.

Actually there is, is honey strange?When it comes to honey, in the eyes of many people, it's just a nutrient.In fact, honey is rich in glucose and fructose, both of which are monosaccharides, which can be well absorbed by the human body and consume a lot of energy after exercise. Therefore, timely taking honey brewed drinks can well replenish energy and the honey plastic bottles used to hold honey are all green and environment-friendly products.

Some love fitness friends after exercise, muscle very acid bilges, mainly produced very much lactic acid And honey water will accelerate the growth of muscle fibers, eliminate muscle fatigue, also won't make you fat honey fructose inside can also provide you with stable energy, increase when you exercise endurance, let you the fitness effect of get twice the result with half the effort So it is very ideal sports energy drink.

Garlic and Onions are ingredients that cannot be eaten together with honey. Forest garlic is hot and honey is cold. They are opposite in nature.

Watermelon also cannot honey eat together, because the watermelon contains large amounts of vitamin C, some of the substance and honey material meeting will happen obvious oxidation reaction, make a lot of vitamin C, people eating later also can't get proper nutrition absorption, at the same time they generated when the oxidation reaction of toxic substances will be accumulated inside the body, after a long time can affect human body health.