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Plastic Bottle Are Rich In Variety And Widely Used

Jul 07, 2017

Plastic Bottle are rich in variety and widely used

Along with the unceasing enhancement of environmental consciousness, the Plastic Bottle manufacturer for bottled consumption, resist all very quickly, especially in Europe and the United States this higher voice, to a certain extent, reduces the consumption of plastic market, instead of other packaging materials. Some experts argue that glass bottles are used to encapsulate water. In trading data over a period of time of Plastic Bottle and Plastic Bottle of market operation time is summarized, and future prospects in Plastic Bottle is optimistic, but the development of China's many small and small and medium-sized plastic manufacturers are faced with many challenges.

The use of Plastic Bottle advocates the use of less green raw materials, and USES the same materials as possible, detachable and coexisting materials, as simple as possible, easily recycled materials. At the same time, the production quantity of waste is minimized, and the development trend of light packaging film is put forward. The key to the development of plastic stabilization technology is to study development and application agents, prepare antioxidant agents, uv stabilizers and free radicals to capture new ones.

The plastic containers, food pallets or turntable containers that are refilled by daily chemical industry can be used in plastic stabilization technology and high quality of plastic products to improve their reuse or recycling value. Strong market price of Plastic Bottle, the recent crude oil shock, merchants mentality is supported, but over a period of time to adapt to the development of it, markets wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, the price of petrochemical implementation difficulties, market prices, prices continue to moderate At present, the shape of the Plastic Bottle have a round, square, oval in shape.

The volume of the round bottle is the largest, its characteristic is the wall thickness uniformity, the impact energy absorption capacity is higher, the production cost is lower, but the effective area that the utilization rate is low, the storage or transportation. The storage square or rectangular effective area, with high efficiency, good stability, but prone to expansion. The size of the Plastic Bottle, there is no definite regulation, usually according to the user's needs and the nature of the drug. In addition to the capacity of the nominal capacity of the Plastic Bottle, and sufficient capacity, it is more specific than nominal capacity, and the specific requirements are the diameter of the bottle mouth and bottle height. Taking small and medium-sized enterprises as an example, the analysis of structural characteristics can be clearly seen from the bottle neck, shoulder, bottle body and other fields.

Xinhua news agency's news about the start of a "robot" factory has attracted the attention of all parties. Many labor-intensive industries, including Plastic Bottle manufacturers, have encountered a problem of "labor shortage" as the dividend of the domestic labor force has fallen. The emergence of the robot factory has brought great opportunities to alleviate the labor force and improve the production efficiency, and will also change the market competition pattern, which also includes the Plastic Bottle manufacturing area.

We all know that the production of a robot factory requires a great deal of capital and technical strength. On Plastic Bottle manufacturers formed as a result, the threshold, a group of plastic enterprises have scale can smooth transition to the robot factory, but for many small and medium-sized plastic factory, this is difficult to cross the threshold. In the future, with the popularization of the robot factory in the Plastic Bottle production area, for some manufacturers, although the upfront investment is large, the latter can greatly improve the production efficiency and thus reduce the cost. Meanwhile, labor costs will continue to rise. Under such circumstances, Plastic Bottle manufacturers face a brand new shuffle.

This is the inevitable trend of market development, how to seize the present opportunities for small and medium-sized Plastic Bottle manufacturers, and it is necessary to face the trend.