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Plastic Bottle Bottle Design Details

Jan 14, 2017

For plastic bottle packaging design, our concern lies in its overall appearance, could attract the attention of consumers, can highlight the characteristics of the product, can make the packaging highlight the product's brand identity. These are the buyers for a plastic bottle of the main criteria of eligibility. There are more onerous for manufacturers, will grip using the convenience of plastic bottles are also valued and assessed.

In fact, we think there should pay attention to detail and attention. This is the bottle plastic bottle. Plastic bottle bottle bearing a lot of problems. First of all, is the plastic bottle neck diameter size and standard. Use of packaging plastic bottle size is directly related to the user. Beverage plastic drink bottle diameter is too large it will be overrun, diameter too small not convenient to consumers drink. So reasonable caliber plastic bottles, in fact very important. Plastic bottle diameter uniform and can help with cover, suitable for industrial manufacturers to work with. Secondly, it is a sealed plastic bottle problem, reasonable design using sealing membrane and Cap sealing is more reliable and secure.

Plastic bottle manufacturers should pay more attention to us, should not be overlooked.