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Plastic Bottle Coloring Agent

Jun 15, 2017

Plastic Bottle coloring agent

Today, the world of Plastic Bottles and the application of its products has been involved in all walks of life, all aspects, as well as every family, more and more business people involved in the production and sale of Plastic Bottles. For the Plastic Bottle which color agent has also become a plastic industry to discuss the topic.

I as a Plastic Bottle industry practitioners, plot more than 10 years to use, manufacturing masterbatch experience, talk about some experience for the peer discussion.

1 Plastic Bottle type of coloring agent

The type of Plastic Bottle coloring agent, with its physical form is divided into four kinds: powder colorant - toner; paste colorant - color paste; liquid coloring agent; solid coloring agent - Color Masterbatch. Among them, powdery colorants and solid colorants are widely used. Therefore, the other two colorants are not discussed here.

2 characteristics of various colorants

2.1 characteristics of toner coloring directly with toner (pigments or dyes) to add appropriate amount of powder additives on the Plastic Bottle particles coloring method, also known as dry coloring. Its advantages are good dispersion, low cost, small batch operation. Because it saves other colorants, such as color masterbatch, color paste and other processing process of human and material consumption, and therefore low cost, buyers and sellers are not subject to the amount of restrictions. Manufacturing masterbatch can not do 1 ~ 2kg, but the toner can be specified according to the arbitrary quality, preparation is very convenient. The use of toner coloring, compared with other granulation coloring, processed resin less experienced a degradation process, help to reduce the aging of Plastic Bottles, increase its service life.

But a great drawback is the pigment in the transport, storage, weighing, mixing process will be flying, resulting in pollution, seriously affecting the working environment. With the environmental protection, enterprise ISO 9000 indicators and other requirements, toner coloring more and more limited, but for the special effects of coloring, the use of toner directly mixed coloring with some masterbatch coloring effect. For example: some poor heat resistance, fear of cutting the pigment powder made of masterbatch, because of its high temperature for a long time, and in the masterbatch processing equipment in the shear for a long time, the coloring effect will be significantly reduced, such as Pearl powder, phosphor, luminous powder. Pearlescent powder made of color masterbatch and then color Plastic Bottles, pearl powder than directly into the Plastic Bottle coloring, the pearl effect to be reduced by about 10%, and injection products are also prone to streamline scar and seams. We have made the appropriate measures in the manufacture of such color masterbatch, as much as possible to reduce the color of the masterbatch in the process of heating temperature, time and the degree of shear (without twin screw granulator, and single screw granulator Wait).

Dry coloring Another problem that makes the user headache is that the extruder's hopper is not easy to clean. To color the toner in the white oil and other wetting agent, the adhesion of the inner wall of the barrel (and even on the screw). When the need for refueling, the cleaning cartridge has become a problem on the field operator, time-consuming materials, less effective, and the use of masterbatch coloring there is no such problem.

In addition, the use of toner coloring, pigment powder evenly distributed in the need to color the resin, so its dispersion is better, this conclusion can only be for injection products, especially thick-walled products, for blown film, spinning products Then another matter. Because the toner is generally not pretreated, when mixed with the resin, only from the extruder feed port, screw, to the discharge port such a distance and such a short plastic mixing time, to make the pigment powder Of the molecules and colored pigments are well together to join hands - fully integrated, is completely guaranteed, there will be "caught students" phenomenon. But this "folder students" phenomenon in the thick-walled products will be covered in the blown film, spinning products is obvious. So the latter's coloring method is still mainly masterbatch.

In addition to this, the toner due to the manufacturer's production date, batch number of the same grade of the toner there is a certain color, even if the user insisted on using the same formula, but in the processing process is difficult to do between batch and batch Of the color of the injection products, and color masterbatch in the production process can be through the middle of sampling, testing, adjustment to make up for each batch of toner color, relatively speaking, the color of the color reproduction is better than the toner.

Because of the coloring of Plastic Bottles for all kinds of limitations, by other colorants of the challenge, but because the production cost is relatively low, color, color is not subject to the amount of restrictions for small and medium enterprises in developing countries, private enterprises , In order to participate in the fierce market competition, the use of toner has its economy, in particular, some color single, large output, the color requirements of the products are not high, such as PVC doors and windows, EVA soles, etc., or favor It, so the toner colorant can not be completely out of the stage.