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Plastic Bottle In The Market With What Competitive Advantage

Aug 09, 2017

Plastic Bottle in the market with what competitive advantage
At present, China's packaging industry is developing rapidly, especially plastic packaging, how to mention Plastic Bottle, we are no stranger to our daily life can be seen everywhere in the use of Plastic Bottle, for example, beverages, medicinal, condiments and so on Is the use of Plastic Bottle for packaging. Plastic Bottle in the product selection packaging material has a strong competitive advantage. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
        On the one hand, the choice of Plastic Bottle of raw materials are approved by the national quality certification bodies recognized; the other from the material terms, the Plastic Bottle mainly for the production of raw materials for plastic, Plastic Bottle produced by the most prominent feature is light weight, not afraid So that Plastic Bottle with its unique competitive advantage in various fields have been widely used. For example, in the medical field, Plastic Bottle are the main pharmaceutical packaging equipment, especially solid or powder drugs, the use of Plastic Bottle in the form of packaging, not only to ensure the safety of drugs, but also to use the cost will be greatly reduced.
 These Plastic Bottle, whether from health or from all aspects of quality are difficult to meet. These secondary materials have been able to prevail in the market, is its very low price, compared to the new material, these substandard secondary material and even half of the price is not.
Plastic Bottle are exposed to harmful substances. Recently, senior doctor Liu Ruliang told reporters about the bottled water and packaged snacks long-term placed in the car harm.He said that the summer weather is hot, the car after the exposure temperature will often reach more than 60 degrees Celsius, harmful substances may be integrated into the water. Reporters survey found that more than 7 percent of the owners will be in the trunk or cab placed in bottled water or chewing gum.
        Summer arrived, many owners always like to put a box of mineral water in the car. "Reporters found that most of the owners are like in the trunk to put a box of bottled drinking water, place the cycle is generally more than a month or more." Liu Ruliang said that drinking water placed at high temperatures is taboo, especially inside the car, the general car in the sunshine for half an hour, the temperature may reach more than 60 degrees Celsius. At this point the plastic structure of the bottle will change, the harmful substances may be double-sided distribution, the bottle will be distributed to the water, the bottle will be distributed to the air inside the car. In addition, many owners are "popular" in the cab inside the storage compartment put the bottle of chewing gum, boxed mints and other snacks.
The home of the Plastic Bottle to collect, rinse with water, dry. If you need to install more rice, you can use large-capacity bottles. Before the rice is put into the bottle, make sure that the rice is dry and tighten the lid after it is put. This is not only neat place, but also to avoid rice insects and moldy. In addition to rice, red beans, purple rice, millet and other food can also be preserved in accordance with this method.
If you can accept the taste of pepper, you can also use gauze bag some pepper tablets, into the loaded Plastic Bottle, and then cover the lid. Pepper has anthelmintic effect, so that food preservation effect is better.
For Plastic Bottle manufacturers, the production of products for the beverage, food, medicine, the packaging of these markets, we all know. These markets are the most traditional markets for Plastic Bottle, but in the current buyer's market, product competition is inevitable.
The same time as
For the Plastic Bottle manufacturers in these traditional packaging areas competing to compete to consolidate the market at the same time, if you can open up some of the other peer competition is not aware of the market, is clearly the development of the enterprise is very favorable. And the main one is that these low-market production of fewer enterprises, buyers are more difficult to find suppliers, so the Plastic Bottle manufacturers can be appropriate to improve the price of Plastic Bottle of a single product to enhance the profits of the product. On the other hand, these market competition is small, although usually few orders, but a single order, because the competition is less manufacturers, the probability of turnover is often larger.