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Plastic Bottle Is How To Produce It

Sep 01, 2017

Plastic Bottle is how to produce it
  At present, China's packaging industry is developing rapidly, especially plastic packaging, how to mention Plastic Bottle, we are no stranger to our daily life can be seen everywhere in the use of Plastic Bottle, for example, beverages, medicinal, condiments and so on Is the use of Plastic Bottle for packaging. Plastic Bottle in the product selection packaging material has a strong competitive advantage. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
        On the one hand, the selection of Plastic Bottle of raw materials are approved by the national quality certification body; on the other hand from the material terms, Plastic Bottle mainly for the production of plastic raw materials, Plastic Bottle produced by the most prominent feature is light weight, not afraid So that Plastic Bottle with its unique competitive advantage in various fields have been widely used. For example, in the medical field, Plastic Bottle are the main pharmaceutical packaging equipment, especially solid or powder drugs, the use of Plastic Bottle in the form of packaging, not only to ensure the safety of drugs, but also to use the cost will be greatly reduced.
 Plastic Bottle are widely used in many fields, both in industry and in life, but no matter what raw materials to do liquid Plastic Bottle, must first meet the non-toxic, no smell and other requirements. Must be non-toxic and no smell, environmental health is the most important.
        The second material production of Plastic Bottle, is not a strict recovery of cleaning and disinfection of waste plastics made of raw materials produced by the Plastic Bottle. These Plastic Bottle, whether from health or from all aspects of quality are difficult to meet. The reason why these secondary materials can be prevalent in the market, is its very low price, compared to the new material, these non-compliance of the secondary material and even half of the price is not. Some Plastic Bottle manufacturers in order to be able to reduce the cost of use or doping in the new material. These Plastic Bottle if the circulation to the food, medicine and other packaging areas, direct access to food and medicine, then the greater the harm to people. At the same time he also used the production of new materials, Plastic Bottle manufacturers to form a competitive unfair, and the production of these secondary materials often also form a harsh environmental problems.
        For the Plastic Bottle on the market, if we do not pay attention to the general, it will not distinguish between the quality of the pros and cons, is harmful to human health. But look carefully, we sometimes find some Plastic Bottle of poor gloss, containing impurities, yes, you see the secondary material production of Plastic Bottle. In order to avoid more people affected, please be sure to pay attention!
        2, the bottle and the lid of the seal, water vapor permeability. Sealing and water vapor permeability are two important technical indicators of liquid Plastic Bottle, they are packaged products play a vital impact on the stability.
        3, liquid Plastic Bottle product quality standards. From the production plant product quality standards can be analyzed to determine the merits of product quality.
        4, quality assurance system. Auditing of suppliers has become an indispensable part of the procurement of liquid Plastic Bottle. Through the audit, the production plant can be soft, hardware facilities, technical equipment, comprehensive level of quality to make a comprehensive and correct assessment.
Plastic Bottle in the production of a certain production process and methods, including Plastic Bottle processing methods include: extrusion blowing, injection molding, rolling, blow molding, molding, laminating, casting, and so a variety of ways.
    Plastic Bottle is how to produce out of the Plastic Bottle production process commonly used in two:
     The first is the extrusion process, the plastic raw materials will be added to the extruder, the heating and melt plastic extrusion extrusion molten billet, and then into the bottle mold inflation molding, cooling stereotypes removed from the mold, remove the waste side After the finished product. This process is mainly used to produce polyethylene, PVC Plastic Bottle, such as milk bottles, soy sauce bottles and so on.
     The second is the injection of blowing process, that is, plastic raw materials injection molding machine through the injection molding machine, and then into the bottle mold by the stretch blow molding, cooling and finished products. This process is mainly used to produce PET Plastic Bottle, such as mineral water bottles.
  Plastic Bottle is how to produce it, Plastic Bottle what process it? The Plastic Bottle is passed after the blow molding, the plastic is heated and melted, and then pressed into a special blow mold and the internal air pressure, the pressure, the mold plastic, the shape of the final product, because the shape of the bottle outward pressure, Emphasis is that in the bottle itself inward, the heating temperature reaches a certain degree, will soften the plastic, the pressure resistance becomes smaller, so the bottle will become smaller and smaller.