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Plastic Bottle Labeling Process Need To Pay Attention To The Problem

Aug 18, 2017

Plastic Bottle labeling process need to pay attention to the problem
(1) When designing extruded Plastic Bottles, if the material is made of high density polyethylene or polypropylene, the cross section of the Plastic Bottle should be rectangular or oval. For materials with low density polyethylene or other flexible Plastic Bottles, The cross section is rounded as well. This facilitates the extrusion of the contents from the Plastic Bottle. Plastic parts used in conjunction with Plastic Bottles are mainly caps and sealers. The design of the Plastic Bottle should focus on the test; how to make the Plastic Bottle can be better with the lid and seal with the bottom of the Plastic Bottle, Plastic Bottle is a weak mechanical properties. Therefore, the bottom of the Plastic Bottle is generally designed into the concave; Plastic Bottle corner, and the concave, are doing a larger arc over. In order to facilitate the stacking of Plastic Bottles, increase the stability of the stacking of Plastic Bottles, Plastic Bottles should be designed at the bottom of the groove.
 (2) Plastic Bottle surface with labels, the standard surface should be flat. Can be in the Plastic Bottle surface design a "box", so that accurate positioning of the label, does not produce mobile. In the blow molding, the billet inflation first contact with the site, always tend to harden the first site. So the wall thickness of the site is also larger. Edge and corner parts, is the last part of the parison inflation contact, the site of the wall thickness is small. So the edge of the Plastic Bottle and the horn parts should be designed rounded. Change the surface shape of Plastic Bottles, such as Plastic Bottles in the middle of the relatively thin, increase the Plastic Bottle surface of the circumferential groove or ribs, can improve the Plastic Bottle stiffness and bending resistance. Longitudinal grooves or ribs can eliminate the offset, sag or deformation of Plastic Bottles under long term loads.
 (3) Plastic Bottle printing surface, is the most concentrated areas of consumer attention. Printed surface should be flat, continuous; if the Plastic Bottle contains handles, grooves, ribs and other structures, the design should be noted that the printing operation can not cause inconvenience. Oval Plastic Bottles, the stiffness is also higher, but the mold manufacturing costs higher. Therefore, in order to ensure the rigidity of Plastic Bottles, in addition to select the high rigidity of the material, but also through the Plastic Bottle shape design, enhance the Plastic Bottle stiffness and load resistance.
 (4) As most of the plastic has a dimple sensitivity, Plastic Bottles at the corners, the mouth of the root thread, neck and other parts, prone to cracks and cracking phenomenon, so these parts should be designed rounded. For the transfer of rectangular Plastic Bottles, the need to support most of the Plastic Bottle load, so the local increase in the wall thickness, but also help to improve the Plastic Bottle stiffness and load resistance.
Because the Plastic Bottle packaging to meet the requirements of diversification of goods protection, significantly improve the shelf life of food; and packaging process is simple, easy operation and use; with the affinity of the packaging; saving packaging costs and transportation costs; low energy consumption, environmental protection and other advantages The So Plastic Bottle packaging plays an increasingly important role in many fields.
  It is understood that with China's Plastic Bottle packaging industry supply capacity of the continuous improvement of the export growth of products will provide more opportunities, in addition, with the domestic consumer market continues to mature will make the export market into more enterprises to seek sustainable An important way to develop. In short, China's plastic packaging industry, the export market prospects will be very broad.