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Plastic Bottle Packaging Micro-Du Gradually Open The Lid Easy To Ignore

Jun 22, 2017

Plastic Bottle packaging micro-Du gradually open the lid easy to ignore
The safety and safety of food packaging from the production process to the raw material and then to the market circulation of the relevant supervision and supervision are increasingly stringent. However, although the food bottle packaging to circulation in this part of the security issues have been resolved. However, after the food bottle is opened, the hygiene and safety of the food bottle packaging is ignored by us.
First of all, the stability of food plastic packaging materials is very worthy of attention. A food Plastic Bottle in its factory and the flow of the process may be safe, but when the consumer use the process, may be a problem. For example, under the influence of high temperature environment, whether the Plastic Bottles can keep the harmful substances in the material does not transfer. People repeatedly use a long-term food Plastic Bottles, how to make it with the same factory will not change. Second, the outer label of food Plastic Bottle packaging should be more able to let people understand the food related information. Food Plastic Bottles should be marked with origin are food taboo, etc., more perfect and detailed.
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Second, the safety of plastic food packaging materials mainly for the residual material inside the toxic and hazardous substances migration, dissolution and lead to food contamination, because the plastic easy to live, easy to adsorb impurities and micro-organisms, the formation of food contamination. But we can be assured that food packaging commonly used plastic PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and PET (polyester), because the process of using less additives, the resin itself is relatively stable, their safety is very high.
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For the food bottle circulation to the hands of consumers, how to ensure that the health and safety of food bottles is very important. The first is to enhance the sealing performance of the food bottle cap, after the food bottle cap is opened. Maintain the original sealing performance of the vial, which will greatly enhance the food bottle to prevent the invasion of bacteria, so as to ensure the safety of food bottles. The second is to avoid contact with the food bottle, the bacteria into the food bottle. We all know that there are thousands of bacteria in the mouth, such as people in the drinking drink mouth and beverage food bottle contact, contact will make a large number of bacteria mixed into the beverage, this time, if long-term beverage, will be the bacteria within the beverage breeding , Affecting the quality of beverages. In this regard, how to avoid the mouth and food bottles directly contact with the health and safety problems, but also need to improve.
For the Plastic Bottle packaging, the future will belong to the small and fine, professional manufacturers will be welcomed by the market. Looking at the current downstream market, both food, cosmetics, medicine are beginning to take the road of specialized subdivision, only the continuous breakdown and focus on a particular area, according to these specific groups to do a good job of service products have better The foundation of survival. Naturally, for the positioning of Plastic Bottles, these downstream manufacturers will be with the breakdown of more specific and specific requirements.