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Plastic Bottle Packaging Product Innovation Is To Enhance The Profits

Sep 21, 2017

Plastic Bottle packaging product innovation is to enhance the profits
 In the long-term contact with the domestic Plastic Bottle manufacturers, we will feel a lot of business owners are most of the current labor, plant rental equipment, everything is constantly rising, but the price of Plastic Bottles because of intense market competition, but has been Not much rise, manufacturers profit is getting lower and lower, the survival situation worrying.
For the Plastic Bottle manufacturers of these complaints, I also have some experience. But I believe that plastic packaging with the development of the domestic economy, downstream demand continues, the market prospects can be very period. Plastic Bottle manufacturers low profit problem is more of the existence of Plastic Bottles in the enterprise itself. Domestic Plastic Bottle manufacturers generally small, basic to order the main, Plastic Bottle packaging products, lack of innovation, it is difficult to have added value. This led to a large number of Plastic Bottle manufacturers are in the low-end market price war, lower prices down each other profits, making the Plastic Bottle manufacturers generally fall into the dilemma, in such circumstances, more time and effort and money into the packaging products Of innovation.
For Plastic Bottle manufacturers, in order to improve product profits, away from the price war brought harm, it must strengthen product innovation, enhance competitiveness, which is the key.
 For the Plastic Bottle packaging, the future will belong to the small but fine, professional manufacturers will be welcomed by the market. Throughout the various downstream markets, both food, cosmetics, medicine are beginning to take the road of specialized subdivision, only the continuous breakdown and focus on a particular area, according to these specific groups to do a good job of service products have better The foundation of survival. Naturally, for the positioning of Plastic Bottles, these downstream manufacturers will be with the breakdown of more specific and specific requirements.
    Let's take a closer look at some areas for Plastic Bottles. Such as glue Plastic Bottle packaging, it is clear that if a manufacturer both do food and glue Plastic Bottles, there will not be a lot of energy used to solve the glue bottle residue and other details of the problem, it is difficult to get a breakthrough and win glue manufacturers Favored. And then look at the segmentation of cosmetics plastic packaging market, with the cosmetics in children, men's market force, he naturally requires Plastic Bottle manufacturers in these market segments in line with market demand for the introduction of Plastic Bottles, these We need to do the appropriate manufacturers of market research and professional design, which also put forward the requirements of the manufacturers of specialization.
 In the Plastic Bottle manufacturer's business forecasting, decision analysis, as one of the important predictive decision-making analysis of the market has a market appeal that the market attractiveness of the Plastic Bottle manufacturers in terms of several important indicators for the total market size, the market size Yield, gross margin, competitive intensity, technical requirements and other components of the market into the threshold.
Market Attractive Analysis is of great significance for scientific and accurate understanding, understanding, operation and grasping the market and reducing decision-making mistakes. Such as the size of the market is the Plastic Bottle manufacturers to enter the market and Plastic Bottle manufacturers to develop and develop one of the important indicators to be investigated; and as in the choice of project issues, the project size is not in the project itself in the market size, such as drinks and automotive projects In contrast, the lack of market awareness will think that the car project is greater than the beverage project, and the fact that in the world of the automotive industry, few cars produced Plastic Bottle manufacturers greater than Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Of course, there is also the existence of market competition density or market structure and other factors dictates.
First of all, the stability of food plastic packaging materials is very worthy of attention. A food Plastic Bottle in its factory and the flow of the process may be safe, but when the consumer use the process, may be a problem. Such as under the influence of high temperature environment, the Plastic Bottle is able to keep the material does not transfer the harmful substances. People repeatedly use a long-term food Plastic Bottles, how to make it with the same factory will not change. Second, the outer label of food Plastic Bottle packaging should be more able to let people understand the food related information. Food Plastic Bottles should be marked with origin are food taboo, more perfect and detailed.