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Plastic Bottle Recycling Is Not Up To Harm Health

Jul 31, 2017

Plastic Bottle recycling is not up to harm health
If you look carefully, we sometimes find some Plastic Bottles of poor gloss, containing impurities, yes, you see the secondary material production of Plastic Bottles. The market has a lot of Plastic Bottles are recycled, after re-processing, and re-flow into the market, if we do not pay attention to the general, then it will not distinguish between the quality of the pros and cons, is harmful to human health. The so-called secondary material production of Plastic Bottles, is a number of non-strict recovery of cleaning and disinfection of waste plastics made of raw materials produced by the Plastic Bottle.
        But look carefully, we sometimes find some Plastic Bottles of poor gloss, containing impurities, yes, you see the secondary material production of Plastic Bottles.
        Some Plastic Bottle manufacturers in order to be able to reduce the cost of use or doping in the new material. These Plastic Bottles if the circulation to the food, medicine and other packaging areas, direct access to food and medicine, then the greater the harm to people. At the same time he also used the production of new materials, Plastic Bottles manufacturers to form a competitive unfair, in addition to the production of these secondary materials often also form a bad environmental problems.
        For these secondary material Plastic Bottles on the one hand to strictly punish the production of Plastic Bottles manufacturers, but also more important is to waste plastic processing enterprises to strictly regulate the start from the source, there is no compliance enterprises to resolutely ban.
        These Plastic Bottles, whether from health or from all aspects of quality are difficult to meet. These secondary materials have been able to prevail in the market, is its very low price, compared to the new material, these substandard secondary material and even half of the price is not.
Plastic Bottles are exposed to harmful substances. Recently, senior doctor Liu Ruliang told reporters about the bottled water and packaged snacks long-term placed in the car harm.He said that the summer weather is hot, the car after the exposure temperature will often reach more than 60 degrees Celsius, harmful substances may be integrated into the water. Reporters survey found that more than 7 percent of the owners will be in the trunk or cab placed in bottled water or chewing gum.
        Summer arrived, many owners always like to put a box of mineral water in the car. "Reporters found that most of the owners are like in the trunk to put a box of bottled drinking water, place the cycle is generally more than a month or more." Liu Ruliang said that drinking water placed at high temperatures is taboo, especially inside the car, the general car in the sunshine for half an hour, the temperature may reach more than 60 degrees Celsius. At this point the plastic structure of the bottle will change, the harmful substances may be double-sided distribution, the bottle will be distributed to the water, the bottle will be distributed to the air inside the car. In addition, many owners are "popular" in the cab inside the storage compartment put the bottle of chewing gum, boxed mints and other snacks.
 There are four major trends in the development of Plastic Bottles, including enhanced recyclability, energy saving, extended nutrient preservation cycle, broaden the scope of application. With the help of new additives, PET bottles that are easy to recover can replace glass bottles and polyethylene PE Plastic Bottles in more areas.
    Cai Junxiao, general manager of the United States Jiaruo Si plastic colorants (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., said in an interview, recycling, energy conservation, sustainable development concept has become more and more popular, and Plastic Bottle manufacturers are also trying to find such a solution Program.
    It is understood that many European brands have been cooperating with Gallos, began to widely used PET Plastic Bottles. He believes that PET in the beer packaging has been applied, the red wine, sports drinks, health care products will soon follow up the packaging, with plastic this more easily recycled raw materials agent glass.
    PET Plastic Bottles are now available for recycling, only downgrade use, from transparent products to the use of colored products on the packaging.