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Plastic Bottle Stiffness And Bending Resistance

Oct 20, 2017

Plastic Bottle stiffness and bending resistance
Solid Plastic Bottles in many industries have a very wide range of applications, of which our application in the pharmaceutical industry is also very much, with different forms of existence.
Solid Plastic Bottles of medicinal Plastic Bottles should have sufficient rigidity and beautiful appearance, to attract the user's eye in the appearance, to ensure that consumers can use in the use of a large number of options and use.
Medicinal Plastic Bottles should have sufficient rigidity and beautiful appearance, to attract the user's eye in the appearance, to ensure that consumers can use in the use of a large number of selection and use of medicinal Plastic Bottles the most common shape of a round, Square, oval, etc. From the use point of view, they each have their advantages and disadvantages.
The middle of the medicinal Plastic Bottle is relatively fine, so the edge of the Plastic Bottle and the wagged parts should be assumed to be rounded. Change the shape of the Plastic Bottle. Increase the profile of the Plastic Bottle circumferential groove or ribs, can be Plastic Bottle stiffness and bending resistance.
Solid Plastic Bottle is a modern packaging system commonly used in a package, widely used in a variety of packaging areas, including drugs, food, daily necessities and so on. Plastic Bottles have solid and liquid points, different types of Plastic Bottles have different performance. Solid Plastic Bottles can only be used for solid goods packaging, for solid pharmaceuticals and food packaging.
Solid Plastic Bottles with high quality, high strength, easy to break, good sealing performance, safe and reliable, moisture-proof environmental protection, in line with food and drug packaging and many other requirements for oral solid tablets such as tablets, capsules, granules and other drugs packaging. The packaging of the circulation and transport, sealed preservation has a good impact on the significance.
According to statistics, China's annual output value of pharmaceutical packaging in about 25 billion, pharmaceutical packaging industry in China's fastest growing industry. It can be seen that medical Plastic Bottles have broad market prospects, the traditional form of plastic packaging is gradually eliminated by the trend of the times, Plastic Bottles as a mainstream form of packaging, much favored by the market welcome.
With the plastic material and the continuous upgrading of production equipment for the Plastic Bottle in the packaging market has laid an important foundation for the broad development. For people's production and life to provide convenient conditions.
Plastic Bottles are everywhere in life, we often buy some food are made of Plastic Bottles, then we use Plastic Bottles when the need to pay attention to what matters?
1. Solid Plastic Bottles must have the function of external force, it can adapt to a variety of modes of transport and warehouse storage, protection of the contents will not be damaged.
2. Solid Plastic Bottles to display goods with a display function, solid Plastic Bottles can be beautiful shape, bright colors, smooth surface and transparency, display the display of goods. Attract customers, stimulate customers to buy desire.
3. Different colors of the bottle, can clearly indicate the series of goods, types or models, transparent solid Plastic Bottles can display the contents of the color and quality of pure; translucent solid Plastic Bottles are part of the display or conceal the contents of the items; opaque Plastic Bottles Can be loaded with a variety of colors of goods. Solid Plastic Bottles of the surface printing, print information can be passed directly to consumers.
4. Solid Plastic Bottles should have a convenient function, solid Plastic Bottles of the bottle design to consider the opening easy, and can open and close many times, dumping the contents to be convenient. Can not produce sputtering wounding phenomenon. Design products, you can add other features in the seal: such as security, anti-theft, anti-clogging, spray and so on.