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Plastic Bottle With A Certain Amount Of Processing And Production Methods

Jan 14, 2017

Plastic bottle with a certain amount of processes and production methods, processing methods include extrusion, injection moulding, calendering, blow molding, compression molding, laminating, casting and so good in many ways. Plastic bottle is going after the blow molding process, is to heat the plastic melted and then pressed into special blow molds, while internal air pressure, press the plastic into the mold to form the shape of the final product. Because the bottles outward pressure on the forming, so the bottle within its own internal stress is to heat will soften the plastic after the temperature reaches a certain level, and stress resistance in smaller bottles will be smaller.

Plastic bottle has some processing in the processing and production characteristics, grace processing means for processing in a certain way, ensure has good capacity utilization in the production and processing of quality and performance. Here plastic bottle processing characteristics in different ways:

Shrinkage rate

Reinforced plastic plastic shrinkage of small, it is mainly made up of thermal shrinkage and chemical structure of contraction. First, the factors affecting the shrinkage is the plastic kind. General than epoxy phenolic, epoxy, unsaturated polyester, unsaturated polyester shrink the smallest. Other factors that affect the shrinkage is the plastic shape and thickness, thick wall shrinkage, filler in plastic and glass volume shrinkage, volatile matter content also, forming pressure, charge shrinkage, heat release than the cold mold shrinkage, insufficient curing shrinkage. The shrinkage of plastic bottles are the plastic bottles used as one of the most important factors, in use to reduce the shrinkage of plastic bottles to prevent a significant contraction in the use, affect the actual performance.


Enhanced liquidity is worse than plastic, drain excessive liquid is easy to produce resin and fiberglass accumulates separately. Too little pressure and temperature will significantly improve. Many factors affect the liquidity, to assess the liquidity of some material, must be composed for specific analysis. The factors affecting the liquidity.