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Plastic Bottles For 2011 Recent Developments

Jan 14, 2017

Plastic bottle industry 2011 latest development dynamic, United Kingdom innovation plastic technology company (AFT) development out a items patent sex of water base flow coated covered process, can on a special barrier sex thermoplastic resin business bottle billet of outside surface for coated covered processing, bottle billet after coated covered process Hou, resin occurred curing, can in standard of processing equipment General bottle billet two times stretch blow plastic. APT company claims that using this coating process and without the use of coated PET bottles compared to barrier performance to CO 3-4, heskey is working with APT negotiate matters relating to transfer of technology, to obtain a manufacturing license of this coating equipment, equipment of the designed capacity of processing 30,000 preforms per hour, APT to directors Robert. Lee said. The technology has been leading enterprises of a production of beverages purchased shall be used for processing non-alcoholic beverage bottles.

Germany Aachen University plastic processing Institute (IKV) has will its development of plastic bottle within wall plasma coated covered technology-PECVD, transfer to has West have Le company, IKV also development has a items plastic bottle outside wall coated covered technology, used has 20-150nm of barrier sex coating, similar Yu within wall coated covered process, can improve PET bottle 4 times times of CO barrier performance, its technology production system device of processing cycle for 15 seconds, produced does regardless of 10,000 bottle/dismissed, Researchers set development objectives are: reduced processing cycle in less than 10 seconds using stronger pumps, as well as other improved detection devices