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Plastic Jar To Buy The Note

Aug 18, 2017

Plastic Jar to buy the note
Plastic Jar must be common sense:
Auditing of suppliers has become an indispensable part of the purchase of Plastic Jar. Through the audit, the production plant can be soft, hardware facilities, technical equipment, comprehensive level of quality to make a comprehensive and correct assessment.
        Plastic Jar product quality standards. From the production plant product quality standards can be analyzed to determine the merits of product quality. Our supplier of veterinary plastic bottles manufacturers welcome customers concerned about our products and information.
No matter what raw materials to do the plastic pot, the first must meet the non-toxic, no smell and other requirements, due to the availability of a wide variety of main raw materials, which requires the use of raw materials to be selected, the general selection of high density polyethylene tablets, Polypropylene, such as the need for transparency can be selected polyester bottles (PET bottles), such as the need for higher barrier properties, and blocking light, opaque, the choice of brown PET bottles, liquid dosage form drugs generally use polypropylene bottles or polyester bottles as the main raw material The
Plastic Jar body and cover seal, water vapor permeability. Sealing and water vapor permeability are two important technical indicators of plastic bottles, they are packaged products play a vital impact on the stability. Plastic Jar market conditions, stable supply of the market supply, holding a strong quotient, worry about selling, smooth sales, downstream demand is stable, on-demand order, then the volume is acceptable, the transaction said active .PC broken material can supply the spot is limited, There are still a few businesses in stock, which is actively shipped with customers last month, but not timely purchase, although the market offer down, but the magnitude is not, the overall adherence to stability.
The reason for the deformation of Plastic Jar occurs in the packaging of some special pesticides, in the hottest season of veterinary drug sales, poured into some special veterinary drugs often in the temperature is much higher than the ambient temperature of the case. And the general veterinary drug poured into the bottle will immediately after the bottle lid closed. In order to avoid spilling or spilling the mouth when the veterinary drug canned, the volume of the general bottle is a little more than the volume of the liquid to be poured, and the part of the air that is left after the hot filling is the same as the veterinary drug. After a period of time, veterinary drugs and internal air down to the ambient environment with almost the same time, the bottle will be due to the reasons for thermal expansion and contraction caused by liquefaction caused by a certain negative pressure. When the negative pressure exceeds the strength of the bottle wall will make the plastic bottle wall deformation and deformation.
The deformation of Plastic Jar is the principle of compatibility from chemical substances. When the plastic packaging bottle material polarity and its packaging of pesticide organic solvents similar polarity, there will be mutual miscibility between the phenomenon. As time changes, it will develop into infiltration. Because the bottle is sealed at this time, those from the bottle material molecular gap exudation of organic solvents reduced, resulting in negative pressure, and ultimately will lead to deformation of the bottle.
The composition of the Plastic Jar is very complicated, it contains some special solvents or impurities in the raw materials and the bottle will remain inside the air oxidation, resulting in the bottle due to oxidation and negative pressure generated deformation. Plastic Jar are generally made of high-density polyethylene, when containing such ingredients can be used to package esters or ketones, aromatic solvents, when such a phenomenon can occur, because the oxidation of negative pressure Resulting in Plastic Jar deformation.