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Reasons For The Deformation Of Health Products PET Plastic Bottle

Sep 11, 2017

Reasons for the deformation of Health Products PET Plastic Bottle
In the Health Products PET Plastic Bottle deformation causes more in the packaging of some special pesticides, veterinary drugs sold in the hottest season, poured into some special veterinary drugs often in the temperature than the ambient temperature is much higher case. And the general veterinary drug poured into the bottle will immediately after the bottle lid closed. In order to avoid spilling or spilling the bottle when the veterinary drug canned, the volume of the general bottle is a little more than the volume of the liquid to be poured into the liquid. After the hot filling, the part of the air leaving the bottle is the same as the veterinary drug. After a period of time, veterinary drugs and internal air down to the ambient environment with almost the same time, the bottle will be due to thermal expansion and contraction of the reasons and liquefaction caused by a certain negative pressure. When the negative pressure exceeds the strength of the bottle wall will make the plastic bottle wall to produce retraction and deformation.
Health Products PET Plastic Bottle deformation is from the chemical substance of the principle of compatibility. When the polarity of the material of the plastic bottle is similar to the polarity of the organic solvent in the packaging, the mutual miscibility occurs. With the change of time, it will develop into infiltration. Because the bottle is sealed at this time, those from the bottle material molecular gap exudation of organic solvents reduced, resulting in negative pressure, and ultimately will lead to deformation of the bottle.
Health Products PET Plastic Bottle composition is very complex, which contains some of the special solvent or impurities in the raw materials and the bottle will remain inside the air oxidation, resulting in the bottle due to oxidation of negative pressure and deformation. Health Products PET Plastic Bottle are generally made of high-density polyethylene, when containing such ingredients health care PET plastic bottles used to package esters or ketones, aromatic solvents, when such a phenomenon can occur , Because the negative pressure caused by oxidation of plastic products PET plastic bottle deformation.
Health Products PET Plastic Bottle are to be very clean products containers, production of clean containers have its inherent advantages. Health Products PET Plastic Bottle due to the reduction of the extrusion process of the secondary processing and processing of late processing, so to avoid the dust impurities in the bottle of dust accumulation, and to avoid the hands and the embryo, the container touch. And then reduce the pollution of a large number of bacteria corrosion, greatly improving the Health Products PET Plastic Bottle of clean standards and non-polluting, to ensure that the container of high quality level of long shelf life. In line with the national cleaning standards, and used to GMP requirements.
Health care PET plastic bottles with high quality bottle quality, due to the common one-step vertical injection blow molding technology planning, not only to ensure the tube thickness and quality of the consistency and accuracy, more importantly, to ensure that the bottle High permeability and high sealing.
Health Products PET Plastic Bottle require beautiful and physical functions are good, beautiful neat mouth, no fronts, scrap and Luo Wen size, high precision, mechanical function is better, mechanical strength to be large, the bottle of the shiny to be beautiful, And there is no scratches and scratches. The advantages of health care plastic bottles to ensure that plastic bottles in the use of good value, so that plastic bottles in a certain area of extensive use and implementation.
Health Products PET Plastic Bottle of the quality requirements appropriate severe, so in use, the consumer can be determined some, to avoid some security risks, mainly to avoid volatile substances from the container wall molecules scattered out. In particular, some of the paper and polyethylene single-layer plastic film packaging, with a significant breathable, translucent, moisture function, not only the aroma of drugs from the wall to escape the gas and water vapor can be directly through the health PET plastic bottles into the container, affecting the stability of health food. In order to avoid the occurrence of penetrating the scene, in the choice of packaging materials should be selected low permeability material for the individual packaging of drugs. In this regard a variety of composite membrane containers, glass containers, metal containers, ceramic containers play a better role.