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Recycling Marks For Plastic Products

Jul 02, 2018

Recycling marks for plastic products shall be formulated by relevant agencies of the U.S. plastics industry. Each plastic container has a small ID - a triangular symbol, usually at the bottom of the plastic container. There are 1 to 7 digits inside the triangle. Each number represents a kind of plastic container. They are made of different materials and there are different taboos on the use. This set of logos put plastic material identification codes on containers or packaging, from No. 1 to No. 7, so that people do not have to bother to learn the similarities and differences of various plastic materials, and they can simply join the ranks of recycling.

No. 1

PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a container made of this material, is a common plastic bottle containing soda, also known as the "Pot bottle."

Common mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, etc. Heat resistant to 70 ° C is easy to deform, and there are substances harmful to the human body. After 10 months of use of plastics No. 1, the carcinogen DEHP may be released. Can't put in the sun in the car; don't pack alcohol, oil, etc.

No. 2

HDPE (high density polyethylene), detergents, shampoos, shower gels, edible oils, pesticides, etc., are mostly made of HDPE. Most of the containers are opaque and feel like wax.

Common white medicine bottles, cleaning products, bath products. Don't use it as a water cup, or use it as a storage container for other items. Cleaning is not thorough and should not be recycled.