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Spice Plastic Bottle Is Designed For Use

Oct 20, 2017

Spice Plastic Bottle is designed for use
1, Spice Plastic Bottle must have the function of protecting the contents, Spice Plastic Bottle can be moisture, water, dust, corrosion. The role of dust, water and other liquid substances in the barrier; to prevent contamination and corrosion of packaging; to prevent UV penetration, to adapt to changes in ambient temperature, protect the packaging from sun and ultraviolet damage.
2, Spice Plastic Bottle must have the function of external force, it can adapt to a variety of modes of transport and warehouse storage, protection of the contents will not be damaged.
3, Spice Plastic Bottle to display goods with a display, Spice Plastic Bottle can be beautiful shape, bright colors, smooth surface and transparency, display the display of goods.
For Spice Plastic Bottle, its main role is to pack the liquid, in fact, our Spice Plastic Bottle manufacturers in so many years of operation, but also the main focus on the liquid packaging market development, Spice Plastic Bottle design and innovation Also spread around the liquid packaging. The chances of solid packing are more in the hands of plastic bags. So break the inherent thinking of Spice Plastic Bottle packaging. Expand the market to solid packaging.
There are many forms of solid market, Spice Plastic Bottle according to different solid type, design and development of different Spice Plastic Bottle type. For example, the solid powder, such solid packaging, usually in the pouring will be more trouble, this time Spice Plastic Bottle cover design is reasonable or not, will directly determine whether the powder packaging is easy to use, whether to win Welcome the market. Another example, some relatively large solid products, to remove the convenience, the bottle size will be relatively large, wide-mouth class Spice Plastic Bottle is more appropriate.
In short, the shape of the solid is very much, Spice Plastic Bottle manufacturers to develop this market, and plastic bags and so on in this packaging market competition to gain an advantage, we must be more in-depth comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of various types of solid, suitable for development package of.
Spice Plastic Bottle recycling people know that Spice Plastic Bottle recycling prices often fluctuate, when the high and low. Because of the existence of such a laws of the market, some of the waste recycling businessmen from the smell of business opportunities, through the low price of hoarding waste Spice Plastic Bottle, sold at high prices to obtain profits. It can be said that this is a normal business behavior, nothing wrong However, waste Spice Plastic Bottle is different from other products.
First, the waste of Spice Plastic Bottle caused great distress to the environment. A lot of waste Spice Plastic Bottle is recycled together. But most of them are bacterial breeding, very dirty. For example, in the summer, in high temperature environment, a large number of abandoned Spice Plastic Bottle, it is easy to breed mosquitoes, stench. This is the surrounding environment and the residents, are a lot of trouble. Second, waste Spice Plastic Bottle accumulation, if not a good ventilation environment, mismanagement. It is prone to fire, fire hazards will have a great harm to the surrounding. Finally, a large number of abandoned Spice Plastic Bottle accumulation, for some abandoned Spice Plastic Bottle recycling manufacturers will be because there is no raw materials and can not start the situation.
First of all, the arrival of the aging population means that Spice Plastic Bottle manufacturers enjoy the reform and opening up more than 30 years of the end of the demographic dividend, labor costs will be higher and higher, for the labor-intensive industries Spice Plastic Bottle manufacturers are facing Is the foreign trade Spice Plastic Bottle orders continue to flow to the lower cost of India's Southeast Asia, if you want to compete with manufacturers in these areas, only continue to enhance Spice Plastic Bottle production automation, take the road of scientific and technological innovation, to avoid the aging of the population to bring competition Loss of advantage.