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Talk About Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle Product Performance Is Optimized

Nov 02, 2017

Talk about Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle product performance is optimized
Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle in line with the needs of market development, in the production and processing technology has been improved, through continuous optimization, the product has good cleanliness and non-polluting, in the use of the process to show good value. Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle's advantages and performance to ensure that it is in use to play their greatest value, making plastic bottles in a certain area for a wide range of promotion and use.
Our Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle is made of the latest high-quality plastic bottles made of raw materials, the use of injection blow molding process design, not only effectively ensure the uniformity of the tube wall thickness, but also to ensure that The quality and consistency of the quality of plastic bottles. The most important thing is to ensure that the overall sealing performance of the bottle and high permeability, in appearance looks very high gloss, and its physical and mechanical strength is excellent, and the bottle is more beautiful and tidy, there is no defect, there is no scrap, The size of the thread is relatively stable, mechanical strength, plastic bottle without scratches, no Phi Feng, the overall streamline particularly smooth, good mold line, the bottom of the bottom no welding line, the overall look is very beautiful, Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle overall high-quality, high quality and high-grade feeling, to advance with the times, keep up with the trend.
Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle is a plastic packaging container for food, which can produce important performance and effect in the actual packaging. In the actual processing, it is necessary to carry out the production process to ensure that the Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle Use in the use of various characteristics. Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle mold manufacturing process is also a very critical part, so Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle quality is good, the key is that the accuracy of the mold is good. So the overall effect of the mold if the effect is not achieved, it will have a certain impact on the quality of plastic bottles.
Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle as a container containing veterinary drugs, both in material or in the structure, performance and other requirements are very strict. Because of the different requirements of the Veterinary Drugs in place, the requirements for the Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle are not the same, so special attention should be paid to the design and manufacture of the Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle.
The choice of raw materials for Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle should be noted that the nature of the material and the packaged drug, whether it will react between the two, they penetrate each other, dissolution, adsorption, affecting the drug dissolution, adsorption, affecting The composition of the drug changes, so the new drug selection Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle should be carried out when the charge test, look at the compatibility between the veterinary drug and the installed drugs to confirm the Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle is appropriate to hold the Drug packaging. Health Products HDPE Plastic Bottle for pharmaceutical packaging should be able to prevent the drug by the impact of light and heat, as well as moisture absorption and escape requirements. With the cap of the lock, the bottle used by the material on the water vapor, oxygen and so have excellent barrier properties. The design of the bottle in order to ensure that the bottle with the lid with the sealing effect, the bottle and the threaded part of the design was thicker, the bottle part of the thickness should be thinner is better. And the bottle should have a thickening trend, and strive to achieve a uniform thickness of all parts, in order to meet the requirements of high-speed automated canning line, the bottle should have good stability, high diameter ratio should not be too big, not more than three A ratio, the bottom should not be too small, the bottom of the central should be designed to bulge up, this to increase the stability of the bottle and the bottom of the anti-internal pressure strength. The size of the bottle should not be too small. In addition to taking into account the size of drugs and medication convenience, but also should take into account the requirements of filling machine charge. Bottle body size error should be controlled within the specified range, this can ensure the smooth progress of pharmaceutical filling.