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Talking About The Problems In The Process Of Pet Food Plastic Bottle

Aug 09, 2017

Talking about the Problems in the Process of Pet Food Plastic Bottle
    Pet Food Plastic Bottles in use sometimes there will be some problems, the need to produce packaging in the packaging when the attention to the quality and value of packaging, product packaging is also part of the product quality. Pesticide plastic bottle packaging quality, however, although the packaging of the United States is not the only specification, but the Pet Food Plastic Bottle is the product is not a work of art.
    As we all know, a lot of product packaging quality will affect the quality of the merits of the product quality. However, the recent discovery of Pet Food Plastic Bottles and packaging often appear in some quality and performance problems, a serious impact on the Pet Food Plastic Bottle use and efficacy value. Now there are many very trendy packaging, but too much attention to the appearance and not pay attention to the actual effect is not enough. This is also extremely irresponsible for the user. Today's packaging is a corporate behavior, the popularity of environmentally friendly packaging can not sit still. Environmental packaging, the most direct response to the level of concern to consumers, so that enterprises are easy to get consumer recognition. Consumer groups only agree with the product of the packaging design, product materials and performance is still lack of understanding. At present, China's pet food plastic packaging in the design and performance is still not perfect to achieve unity.
    Now the market of veterinary plastic bottles are more chaotic, the overall level of design is not high, no visual effects and market results. There are few designs that are good for marketing. But more consideration of the plane composition, color matching, etc., completely ignored the brand attributes and counter effects. To ensure that pet food plastic packaging can be used in the industry to play an important role and value. Veterinary drugs in the market changes need to be determined according to the specific circumstances. Some companies over-pursuit of gorgeous, noble, making Pet Food Plastic Bottle shape more and more. Sometimes because of the decoration is unreasonable, resulting in counterproductive effect.
According to the survey shows that China's pet food plastic packaging needs in the world's first. With the drug production capacity has been vigorously promote the government departments to promote the quality of domestic veterinary policy, so the development of Pet Food Plastic Bottles are also growing. Because the traditional glass bottle breakage rate is relatively high, and the glass bottle plug lax, easier to leak, but also lead to the accelerated growth of pests and bacteria. In addition, the glass is difficult to recover, increase the cost of transport. Since the emergence of plastic bottles have completely replaced the use of glass bottles. With the development of our national plastics industry, Pet Food Plastic Bottle packaging industry will have a good development prospects.
    Pet Food Plastic Bottles in the design of the use of squeeze plastic bottles, if the material is high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, plastic bottles cross-section should be rectangular or oval, for the material for the low density of polyethylene or other Flexible plastic, its cross-section to round or better, so more convenient content from the pet food inside the plastic bottle poured out. In order to make the Pet Food Plastic Bottle wall thickness uniform, should be the main plastic bottle shape to be symmetrical. Minimize extreme stretch points and locations. All transitions should be rounded. The printing surface of plastic bottles is often the most concerned about the purchase of veterinary drugs when the consumer should be flat surface of the continuous, if the Pet Food Plastic Bottles containing grooves and other structures in the design of the time should be careful not to print To the unnecessary trouble. When the surface of a plastic bottle is labeled, it should be as smooth as possible. Can be in the Pet Food Plastic Bottle on the surface design of a grid, so that the label is affixed to the specified location, will not produce mobile. Pet Food Plastic Bottles in the blow molding time, the first part of the billet inflation is always the first part of the hardening. This part of the wall thickness should be larger, in the edge and corner of the place should be the last part of the expansion of the parison, this part of the wall thickness naturally smaller. So most of the Pet Food Plastic Bottles of the edge and the horn are rounded.