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That's How The Plastic Bottles Come Out

Jul 16, 2018

Hollow blow molding is put extrusion or injection molding of the proceeds of the tube billet mold, the tube billet zhongtong into the compressed air to blow up, in order to close to the cavity wall, then through cooling mold release products have hollow molding method this method can produce bottle pot of packaging containers such as barrels, daily supplies, children's toys and so on.

For blow molding of plastic varieties are polyethylene polypropylene polystyrene PVC linear polyester, polycarbonate polyamide cellulose acetate and polyacetal resin such as high density polyethylene consumption accounts for the first it is widely used in food packaging of liquid chemical and processing high molecular weight polyethylene is suitable for manufacturing large fuel 醝 cans, barrels, etc.

  • Hollow blow molding classification

1 According to the molding method

Extrusion blow molding: simple production method, high output, low precision,more application.

Injection blow molding: high precision, good quality, high price, suitable for large quantities of products.

2 According to the molding process

Ordinary blow molding.

Stretch blow molding: the product after stretching, high strength, good air tightness.