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The Advantages Of PET Plastic In Food Packaging And Market Development

Jan 14, 2017

Advantage of PET plastic in food packaging and market developments

Our PET production is lagging in several major manufacturers. Into the 80 's, China has imported tons ~ hundreds of thousands of tons of advanced synthesis of PET resin unit, has made considerable progress on the quality and yield. PET bottles due to their light weight, easy to transport and carry, beer, beverage manufacturers and consumers of all ages.

(A) advantages of PET bottles

1, PET plastic bottle is better than glass beer bottles on security;

2, PET plastic bottle is light, easy to transport over long distances, for beer companies can save on shipping costs;

3, portability is superior to glass bottles of the PET plastic bottles and cans, novelty, difference can adapt to young people;

4, Brown, oxygen barrier PET bottles filling beer or in the sterilization unit premium beer, premium beer can improve the appearance of the image;

5, PET bottles type and capacity selection of more flexible, can produce a different bottle sizes, different volumes of products, rich product varieties.

In short, PET plastic bottles are cheap, transparent, airtight, compressive strength and easy to shape. It solves not only glass bottle-shaped container design, security, transportation and other issues, also avoided the shape of metal containers, opaque, and so on. Above features so that it in beverage packaging has become more and more widely used.