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The Development Status Of China's PET Plastic Market

Jul 02, 2018

PET recycled plastic can be used to make clothes, motorcycle helmets, fishing lines and packing ropes.Or simply used in food packaging, PET recycled plastic bottles can be recycled indefinitely.This is China's accessible environmental technology.It is understood that the PET recycling plastic bottles are expected to enter the Chinese market in the near future.

As the package of plastic raw materials from oil, in order to save resources, many developed countries have developed the recycling of plastic packaging technology, as early as in 1991 has been recycled PET chip used in food packaging.

The good barrier property of PET material makes it the most important packaging material for all kinds of carbonated drinks, fruit juice, milk and dairy products, tea drinks, mineral water and other food and beverage.In our country, at present all the PET plastic bottles are all made by native PET raw materials derived from petroleum, and each year up to 3 million tonnes of PET plastic bottle production consumes more than 18 million tons of oil, at the same time also caused great environment pressure.The recycling of PET recycled plastic bottles is beneficial to saving resources.

In Beijing, the total amount of PET plastic bottles discarded each year is as high as 150,000 tons, about 6 billion of them, causing great harm to the environment.

With the technology development of regeneration of PET slice, regeneration of food grade PET chip can be directly used in food packaging, so as to achieve 100% of infinite recycling, the recycle of PET recycled plastic bottles greatly save the consumption of oil resources.

As domestic production enterprises, Asia's first food grade PET chip, the surplus and renewable resources co., LTD., has realized the PET plastic products made from raw PET materials, to recycle waste plastic bottles made from recycled PET bottles biopsy and PET plastic bottle products used for the closed-loop feedback model of recycling, reuse, and up to the national standards, its renewable PET chip are food grade standards, can be used in the production of food packaging, which created the Chinese PET plastic bottle recycling, homogeneous transformation.