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The Price Of Acrylic Bottles Is More Advantageous Than Glass Bottles

Nov 18, 2020

Bottles made of acrylic resin are called acrylic bottles. Acrylic is widely used in the cosmetics market. Acrylic bottles have many advantages. First of all, the acrylic bottle has a high-end appearance and a good image, similar in appearance to a glass bottle, and has a good temperament image under the light. Secondly, acrylic bottles are of good quality. Although they look similar to glass bottles, they are resistant to falling and not easily broken.

Again, the price of acrylic bottles is much lower than glass bottles, and the price is low.

So, what is the direct selling price of acrylic bottles? First, the thickness of the acrylic bottle. Generally speaking, the thicker the thickness of the acrylic bottle, the higher the price. Second, the style of the acrylic bottle, the more complicated of the stype, the higher price.  Third, the quality of acrylic bottles, generally speaking, pay special attention to the quality of packaging.