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Cleaning of plastic bottles for environmental cleaning

Jul 08, 2019

In 2009, approximately 303,000 tons of plastic packaging was recycled through self-carrying and roadside collection. In this total, the proportion of plastic bottles accounted for 263,000 tons, while the remaining 40,000 tons were non-bottled plastic packaging. We need to take a correct look at these recycled plastic packaging. If we connect all the plastic bottles recycled in the UK in 2009, it will be twice the round-trip distance between the Earth and the Moon, or it can circle more than 43 circles around the Earth.

The continuous growth of household plastic packaging in recycling, according to the actual situation and standards, is fully used in the protection of the environment.

According to a recent survey report, the UK's plastic bottle recycling business is increasing at a gratifying rate of 46%. This news is quite amazing. In the recycling business of plastic bottles, it is necessary to adopt important technical standards, fully demonstrate the important contribution and role in recycling, maintain the clean function of the environment, and fully adopt the corresponding market standards.

5. There is a kind of packaging in the plastic bottle packaging market. The mouth of the bottle is larger than the mouth of the ordinary plastic bottle. We call it the wide mouth plastic bottle. In fact, wide-mouth plastic bottle packaging applications are very wide, such as dried fruit, pickles, rice, and other solid things such as screws are packaged in wide-mouth plastic bottles. Wide-mouth plastic bottles are generally made of PET raw materials, and the bottle body is transparent. The wide mouth is convenient for taking out the products inside. Compared with other packaging such as plastic bags, the wide-mouth plastic bottle packaging is more beautiful on the one hand, and the user can clearly see the products inside. On the other hand, it is a convenient use of wide-mouth plastic bottles. Of course, the wide-mouth bottle packaging also has glass material. However, the author believes that, in comparison, the wide-mouth plastic bottle packaging is more lightweight, more resistant to falling, and the price advantage is more obvious. Therefore, in the future, Guangkou plastic bottles will inevitably dominate the jar market.