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The Scope Of Application Of Plastic Cans The

May 27, 2017

Plastic Jar The scope of the application of plastic pots can really use a lot of places, in most cases are the use of life. In the past, there was often a thing called a cellar in the countryside. The plastic pots were mainly to store some rain and so on. In arid weather, the water could be irrigated from the cellar, and some households would use a small number of meals. But the conventional cellars are difficult to clean up, so the water more debris, if the cooking may cause health effects.

  Since the plastic pot into the countryside, the plastic cans gradually replaced the traditional cellar, and the water cellar compared to the advantages of plastic cans undoubtedly, the first plastic tank clean health, plastic pot is made of food-grade raw materials, for The storage of water will not have the effect of water quality, while the plastic cans to clean up, the traditional water cellar no way to clean up, but the plastic tank will not, it is very convenient to clean up. And light weight in the transport and movement, these are the water cellar can not achieve the effect.

  Plastic Jar And plastic tank wear, you can use a few years or even ten years. Plastic pots also have a strong corrosion resistance, we know that the rain according to different parts of the air situation are different, the general rain is weak acid, but the plastic tank corrosion will not be affected by rain, so the storage of rain The time will not affect the life of the plastic tank.

  Plastic tank cleaning should pay attention to what

  Summer to the temperature gradually increased after it was found that the home of the plastic cans will smell, smell the plastic tank storage of water will appear odor, although these odor will not cause great harm to the human body, but after all, not pure water, Many people will also be taboo with smell of water. Here we briefly introduce some of the methods out of the smell of plastic cans.

  First of all, the simplest is to use the newspaper to go out of smell, the plastic cans clean the newspaper group will be stuffed into the tank, because the words on the newspaper printing ink up, and the ink is adsorbable, put it into the plastic tank It will absorb the smell of the tank.

  Plastic Jar The other is the baking soda in addition to the smell of hair, with baking soda solution soak the plastic cans, with 1 tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in 1 liter of water, according to this ratio made of baking soda solution soak plastic pot 24 hours, plastic pot The smell was completely cleared.

  The last is to use soap and detergent to wash the detergent mixture soak in the plastic tank for 1 to 2 hours, after the plastic cans clean the smell of the tank after the clear.