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There Are Many Aspects Of Plastic Jar Recycling Site

Jul 07, 2017

There are many aspects of Plastic Jar recycling site

We know that Plastic Jar, especially those of PET bottles, are very high in recycling. There are many people who specialize in recycling of Plastic Jar. However, as a Plastic Jar of hollow products, there will be some problems in recycling. So let's analyze this a little bit.

First of all, the waste Plastic Jar belong to the hollow products, take up the space is large, with Plastic Jar recycling market prices are often volatile, in large Plastic Jar for recycling, in order to delivery within a reasonable time, nature takes up a large part of the space, this is our attention to the location of the plastic tank, on the one hand, more convenient transport, on the other hand also want to have an empty space. Secondly, waste Plastic Jar easy cause all sorts of bacteria, also need to pay special attention to health problems, if the address selected in some residents around the neighborhood, affects the peripheral health, cause complaint. Once again, Plastic Jar belong to flammable products, and fire control must be noticed. A large amount of Plastic Jar be piled up, especially in summer or rainy season. If the internal temperature is too high, it can cause spontaneous combustion.

For the recycling of Plastic Jar, we hope to analyze and consider from many angles, and consider various factors to make the whole recovery smooth and smooth.

Recently, a batch of beverage bottle intelligent recycling machine has been installed in weifang automobile terminal, zhongguanyong clothing square and fitson fashion square. The two-meter-high, 1-square-meter machine, the environmentally friendly and really-friendly beverage recycling machine, is now in common use in Europe. Residents touch the recycling machine screen and put the waste beverage into the bottle. The public number of WeChat can be received by the WeChat public.

According to the knowledge, the recycling machine has been developed and released by XXX company. It has already appeared in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, weifang and xining, and has reached 5,000 in Beijing. Recycling machine can pass barcode scanning quickly identify 95% of PET Plastic Jar on the market, the collected bottles through the reverse logistics system, sent to sorting center, to the country for processing in the factory; Avoid the serious secondary pollution caused by the recycling of bottles. It is understood that the company has collected about 40,620,000 old beverage bottles, which is equivalent to saving 6,090 tons of oil, 3045 tons of carbon dioxide and 41,615 trees.

Plastic Jar reduce pollution and save resources through comprehensive disposal of recycling. A total of 0.7 tons of secondary raw materials can be obtained for every one ton of Plastic Jar recovered. The recycled Plastic Jar provide energy, can be used as oil and fuel extraction, and can also be recycled to make new high quality plastic products, so the future of plastic recycling is widely used. According to the report, the average recycling rate of recycled plastic in Europe is more than 45%, and the recovery rate in Germany and Japan is above 60%.

Surplus and recovery is the first domestic Internet of things technology, the Internet integration of innovative thinking and renewable resources recovery industry company, the company in intelligent recycling machine and the door closed service "help home" as the backing, to provide urban recycling, sorting, rebates, maintenance, service until the back-end processing as one of the city level intelligence recycling operation scheme.

Through all kinds of intelligent recycling machine, surplus and recycling layout of public standards of renewable resources recovery market, its unique Internet of things intelligent recognition system can ensure real-time input resources recovery place, time, brand, user data such as consumption habits; Plastic Jar At the same time, the intelligent cloud platform and reverse logistics system can access the channels of the recycling site to each processing plant, monitor the flow of waste, and ensure that the recyclables can enter the safe treatment channels and prevent secondary pollution.

Door-to-door service "help home" solves the pain point for home and business users dealing with recycling. Home help integrate supply and demand, self-developed WeChat and recycling the mobile application, through standardized recovery team, meet business circle, schools, Plastic Jar enterprises and institutions such as collective users door-to-door recovery needs; At the same time, we cooperated with the scale sorting factory to build users to handle the whole controlled reverse logistics system. To help the omni-directional "community + business + supply chain" full cycle recycling service system, pioneered the industry.

In addition, surplus and recycling also launched a "green button plan" public welfare project, aimed at through the way of public welfare and the raise, through the use of smart recycling machine and "help" door to door service, convenient for more people to build security platform for the public environmental protection, support security recycled bottles from the beginning, the practice of environmental protection. At present, the "green button plan" has been successfully launched "guardian city - picking up litter action", "protect health - for scavengers examination", "environmental protection class - environmental protection into the campus" activities and get attention and support, more and more people through participating in practice of environmental protection, "green button plan" compassion.