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What Are The Advantages Of Replacing Plastic Bottles With Plastic Bottles

May 26, 2020

 Plastic bottles have been around for a long time and developed very quickly. They have replaced glass bottles on many occasions. Now plastic bottles have replaced glass bottles in many industries, such as large-volume injection bottles, oral liquid bottles, and food seasoning bottles. , Daily chemical bottles, etc., mainly because it has many advantages:


1. Light weight: The density of materials used to make plastic bottles is lower, and the weight of containers with the same volume is lighter than plastic bottles.


2. Low cost: Plastic can reduce raw materials and transportation costs, so the total price is relatively cheap.


3. Good sealing: plastic uses a reliable sealing structure, so the inside can be effectively protected.


4. Strong plasticity: Compared with glass, plasticity is greatly increased.


5. Easy to print. The surface of the plastic bottle is easy to print, which is very good for promoting sales.


6. Save time and effort: reduce the glass bottle cleaning process, effectively saving labor costs. At the same time, the use of plastic bottles can also effectively reduce noise pollution in the production process.


7. Convenient transportation: The weight of plastic is lighter than glass, and it is easier to load and transport and load and unload.


8.Safe and durable: Plastics are not prone to damage like glass during transportation, storage and use.


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2.  food seasoning bottles

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