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What If The Food Grade Plastic Bottle Is Not Glossy?

Jun 30, 2017

What if the Food Grade Plastic Bottle is not glossy?
First of all to improve the surface gloss of plastic products, called brightening; followed by reducing the surface gloss of plastic products, also known as extinction.
Plastic products brightening is to improve the surface of plastic products, gloss or finish, the specific method in addition to the rational selection of raw materials, there are added brightening method, blending brightening method, shape control brightening method, forming no finish control, Secondary processing brightening method and surface coating brightening method.
The choice of plastic raw materials is to improve the surface roughness of plastic products, the basic factors of raw materials selected well, then the gloss is easy to improve; on the contrary, it is more difficult.
Many food-grade plastic bottle manufacturers that melamine resin, ABS, PP and other resin products corresponding to the gloss of the better: emulsion PVC resin than the suspension of PVC resin high gloss; different polymerization methods of synthetic varieties of gloss, The greater the gloss of the corresponding article, the wider the molecular weight distribution, the corresponding product of the gloss decreased. This is mainly because the molecular weight distribution is wide and the irregularity of the material increases.
If you look carefully, we sometimes find some Food Grade Plastic Bottle of poor gloss, containing impurities, yes, you see the second material production of Food Grade Plastic Bottles. There are many Food Grade Plastic Bottle on the market after recycling, after re-processing, and re-flow into the market, if we do not pay attention to the general, then it will not distinguish between the quality of the pros and cons, is harmful to human health. The so - called secondary production of food - grade plastic bottles, is not a strict recovery of cleaning and disinfection of waste plastics made of raw materials produced by the food - grade plastic bottles.

Some food-grade plastic bottle manufacturers in order to be able to reduce the cost or use it or doped in the new material. These Food Grade Plastic Bottle if the circulation to the food, medicine and other packaging areas, direct access to food and medicine, then the greater the harm to people. At the same time he also use the new material to produce Food Grade Plastic Bottle manufacturers to form a competitive unfair, and the production of these secondary materials often also form a bad environmental problems.

For these second Food Grade Plastic Bottle on the one hand to strictly on the production of food-grade plastic bottle manufacturers to punish, but also more important is to waste plastic processing enterprises to strictly regulate the start from the source, there is no compliance enterprises to resolutely ban.

These Food Grade Plastic Bottle, whether from health or from all aspects of quality are difficult to meet. The reason why these secondary materials can be prevalent in the market, is its very low price, compared to the new material, these substandard secondary material and even half of the price is not.